Slate bathroom: natural and chic

slate bathroom tile

Slate is an ecological, natural and chic choice for the decoration of a bathroom. Here is our practical sheet on slate bathroom , accompanied by a gallery of images that will show you how to use this stone for the layout of your bathroom.

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Let's start with a little reminder about the slate .

Slate bathroom with modern decoration

slate bathroom deco modern design

It is a type of rock of high quality, with a very fine and elegant appearance, suitable for flooring, walls and even for roofing of buildings. In fact, there are many historical monuments, in France and in Europe, covered with this stone. It is therefore undoubtedly a material known for a long time for its excellent properties!

Slate bathroom with beige and gray tones

slate bathroom ideas colors

This type of stone comes in many colors, from white to black. The slate bathroom, meanwhile, is usually associated with slate black or anthracite although, in reality, we can find slate bathrooms with other shades, such as beige, red or the green. The picture above offers an example of one of these shades of slate stone.

Slate and concrete bathroom

slate bathroom wall cladding

In the bathroom, slate can be used for flooring or walls, for the sink and for the shower. Yes, it is a natural stone with a very pretty appearance that can be used almost anywhere in the bathroom! You prefer a bathroom where several types of natural stones ? In this case, know that slate can be combined without any problem with other stones and materials, such as marble or marble. granite . You see an example on the picture above.

Bathroom with slate stone on the floor and on the walls

black slate bathroom deco

From an aesthetic point of view, many interior design specialists advise using a less worked stone for wall cladding and choosing tiles or slabs treated for floors. This specific treatment of slate intended for the floor aims to facilitate the maintenance of the slate floor and make it more pleasant to the touch.

Slate tiled bathroom by Porcelanosa

slate tiled bathrooms

Those who wish to use this type of natural stone for their bathroom should know that slate is a material that is very resistant to water, dirt and is very durable. Like all stone and tile floors in the bathroom, slate ones can be slippery in contact with water. So remember to take the necessary steps to avoid incidents with young children and the elderly.

Slate bathroom decorating ideas

modern decoration and slate bathroom

Finally, here are some tips for maintaining the slate bathroom. If you chose this type of stone, you probably like its chic and natural appearance. You may have even chosen slate because you care about the environment and want to introduce more natural materials into your home.

Bathroom with slate floor

black and white bathroom decoration

To preserve the beauty of natural stone and to maintain your bathroom, while respecting the environment, use warm water as a priority for rinsing this space. We also advise you to choose natural and low polluting products for the cleaning of the stone. An example of such a product is, as we know, white vinegar which has the advantage of being very effective against limescale residues on the black surface of slate. And now, we invite you to consult, below, our gallery of images, dedicated to the bathroom slate!

Suggestions of decoration with slate for bathroom

decorating ideas slate bathroom

Bathroom decoration with slate coating

natural stone bathrooms granite

Bathroom and slate tile

idea tile bathroom slate

Modern bathroom with slate wall

black and white deco modern bathrooms

Contemporary bathroom with slate wall and floor

design bathrooms in stone-floor tiles

Fiji slate bathroom by Porcelanosa

slate tile bathrooms

Bathroom with slate wall cladding

slate bathrooms in black

Natural stone bathroom and slate floor

bathroom stone flooring slate

Black bathroom and slate shower

slate bathroom black shower

Tiled bathroom with slate floor

pictures bathroom tile floors slate

Bathroom and slate tiling

bathroom slate tile black color

Bathroom with slate tiling

black tiles slate tile

Slate Bathroom and Marble Idea

marble bathroom wall cladding

Bathroom example slate deco

slate bathroom decoration

Natural stone and slate bathroom

natural stones and tile slate bathroom

Slate wall and modern bathroom

slate wall bathrooms black

Decorative ideas for a slate bathroom

interior design slate bathrooms

modern bathroom idea slate tile

slate floor bathroom

worktop slate bathrooms natural stone

decoration bathroom black tiling colors

bathroom tiles slate decoration

modern design slate bathrooms

decoration slate bathroom work plan

bathrooms slate floor

tile bathrooms slate wall covering

decoration bathrooms slate

bathroom tile slate ideas bathroom deco

slate tile deco bathroom black

pictures bathroom modern deco

slate floor color modern bathroom

pictures bathroom black paint

slate wall bathroom natural stone

black floors and slate stone bathrooms

slate flooring bathrooms

slate decoration bathrooms

black and white decoration bathrooms natural stone

slate and natural stone for bathrooms

natural bathroom photos

slate bathrooms decoration natural stones

worktop slate bathrooms black and wood

slate decoration natural debains room

slate floor stone bathrooms

idea improvement bathroom floor slate

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