Sliding barn door: an authentic charm

sliding barn door interior wooden bedroom idea bed

Discover our selection of examples of barn door classic and modern: to give an old and original charm to your interior.

Authentic wooden barn door for the bathroom

sliding barn door indoor wooden bathroom lighting idea

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Often looking for optimal functionality, we tend to neglect the aesthetics of doors in our living space.

Barn door made of light wood with interesting decoration

barn door sliding interior rustic wood design bathroom

Below and above, we see two examples of bathrooms closed by two different barn doors: the first is dark wood, while the second is light wood.

White and elegant barn door

sliding barn door interior white door wood design bedroom

These two doors introduce two styles very different. The first has a classic charm, while the second has a more modern look.

Barn door made of rustic and authentic wood

sliding barn door interiorflowing wood modern rustic wooden bathtub design

Which style of barn door to choose depends on our tastes and preference: authentic or modern and colorful. Lately, more and more attention has been paid to this practical and decorative interior element.

Authentic interior trendy house with barn door

barn door sliding interior wood rustic design bedroom furniture wood design

Below is an example of a sliding barn door in modern style, followed by two other illustrations of rustic wood barn doors.

Modern bathroom with brown barn door

Barn Door Design Bathroom Idea Sliding Wood Door Design

Each style brings its charm and fits inside the two spaces in its unique and incomparable way.

Wooden door made for the bathroom

bathroom door wood sliding furniture bathroom toilet mirror design

Door of authentic and original style

rustic wood door wooden furniture idea

White door idea in an indoor bathroom in black and white

indoor bathroom modern white door sliding black tub white tile

Want a barn door in modern style?

modern wooden door sliding idea

Bathroom with barn door of rustic wood

sliding door rustic wood design bathroom

Rustic Wood Sliding Barn Door Ideas

Beautiful wooden doors design bathroom furniture white wood

Modern interior in white and wood with sliding door

sliding doors interior design white door wood furniture wood flooring

Want a rustic interior? Look at this beautiful authentic door:

bathroom rustic wood door design vase deco

It is also possible to paint your big door in your favorite color

red wood door sliding bathroom furniture wood

Industrial style bathroom interior

bathroom design sliding wood door rustic style

An old authentic style door

bathroom wooden door design wooden floor white pendant light

Sliding door idea for chic country style bathroom

bathroom idea authentic door window

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