Sliding doors for the interior: 53 inspiring ideas

sliding doors design ideas

The higher the price of real estate, the more space becomes essential in the interior and we are looking for more and more efficient and functional ways of furnishing our small rooms.

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The sliding doors are an excellent solution for small apartments and houses because they make them more spacious, do not take up much space when they are open and are very elegant and modern. In this article, we will give you some original ideas in pictures how to decorate your interior with one or more sliding doors.

Solid wood sliding doors for the living room

solid wood sliding doors

The sliding doors are perfect if you want to delimit two spaces or even a single two-part space, such as separating your dining room from the kitchen, the bathroom from the bedroom, the living room from the dining room, etc. These types of doors do not take up much space and this is their biggest advantage when it comes to the functionality of small homes.

Elegant sliding doors for interior decoration

sliding doors wood bedroom

A sliding door in combination with fixed elements of the same style can even replace a part of your walls, especially when it is a very small apartment or a studio. The sliding door is secure and its surface can be made from any material unless you add a reliable mechanism that will allow it to become a sliding door.

Sliding door design

contemporary design sliding doors

Most of the time, the sliding door is the element that separates the living room from the dining room or the kitchen. In this case, we choose an easy door to open is whose style corresponds to the rest of the spaces you want to delimit. You can also decide to separate your bedroom from the living room when it comes to a small open plan apartment. In the bathroom the sliding door can be used to insulate your wardrobe or shower enclosure.

Modern sliding glass doors

interior design sliding doors

If you want an elegant sliding door, go for walnut wood or teak. Add a panel with mirrored surface that will reflect the light in the room and make it look more spacious. Optimize space by positioning sliding doors to hide the niche created by the mantel. Light-colored wooden doors can act as a simple space separator between two rooms such as the bedroom and the bathroom. So you will create a spa type deco.

Design living room with sliding glass door

sliding doors design living room

When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, a wardrobe with sliding doors will help you create the illusion of a larger space. You can make your decor even more elegant by choosing colored glass doors or lacquered doors. Remember to use the space behind the sliding door for storing your clothes or shoes. Here are some interesting ideas that will inspire you to decorate your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or children's bedroom with a modern and elegant sliding door:

Doors sliding stylish

sliding wooden doors design living room

Barn door

sliding wooden barn doors

Elegant and discreet door

discreet wood sliding doors design gray sofa

Dressing room with sliding doors

sliding doors wood design living room carpet floor white

Wooden barn door

sliding doors barn wood design

Modern interior decor with imitation wood sliding door

sliding doors idee deco

Room dressing room with sliding glass door

sliding doors bedroom dressing room

Solid wood sliding door for the living room

solid wood sliding door

Kitchen deco with wooden sliding door

sliding doors kitchen wood

Elegant sliding door for the interior

sliding doors modern design

Decorative dining room with lacquered sliding door

sliding doors dining room design

Sliding door of original design for the bathroom

sliding door solid wood bathroom

sliding door wood living room

Japanese design sliding door

original design sliding door

sliding door design living room

sliding door design modern living room

sliding door dressing idea

sliding door bathroom

sliding door bathroom vetrre hue

sliding door wood living room

sliding patio door design

sliding door terrace idee

sliding door terrace living room

sliding door glass idea

sliding door glass shade

sliding door glass trasparent living room

sliding wardrobe door bedroom

design sliding wardrobe door

sliding glass cabinet door

sliding doors wardrobe bedroom

sliding glass hallway

sliding doors dressing ideas

sliding doors interior deco

sliding doors interior idea

sliding doors dining room

sliding doors living room bedroom

sliding doors living room idea

sliding doors living room dining room

sliding doors living room glass

sliding doors mirrored surfaces

sliding doors terrace glass

sliding doors glass living room

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