Small garden: ideas for a nice little space

small garden deco furniture modern terrace

Do you dream of setting up a small garden outside your house or on a terrace? Discover our ideas for the development of a small garden space!

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Our file will help you find inspiration to create a nice corner with garden furniture, plants, a fish pond or a fountain. Let's go for a ride in 25 beautiful pictures!

Small modern outdoor garden

small garden landscaping outside

Nowadays, many people consider that the development of a garden requires a lot of outdoor space. How to install your favorite plants, create a dining or relaxing area, store garden furniture or decorations in a limited space? To change this idea, we are ready to give you some tips for a better organization of your garden.

Small garden with pergola for non-traditional space

small garden veiling modern design

At the origin of the creation of the small garden, there is often a space of non-traditional forms, like the one on the image above. To overcome this problem, think about the different corners that you want to fit in the garden. For example, if you love spending afternoons chatting with your friends, you can choose your garden furniture based on this activity, surrounding it with pots of plants. On the other hand, if you imagine a calm and relaxing garden, you can choose a fish pond or a fountain where you can add an elegant bench or a hammock .

Small garden design by Garden Builders

small garden modern deco exterior design

In the same way, it is recommended to choose the plants for your garden according to the activities that you would like to practice in this outdoor space and the time that you can devote to their care. Those who are not gardening enthusiasts, can choose the garden on gravel which is less demanding of point of view interview . They can also draw inspiration from vertical gardens and install flower pots around a dining area. Finally, families who would like to build an outdoor garden to spend more time with their children, could use toys and antique wooden furniture to make a nice and interesting corner for the little ones.

Children's Corner Idea Decorated with Ancient Objects

small garden ideas of deco cheap object recup

Outdoor landscaping of small garden with mini pool

garden terrace small outdoor ideas

Modern garden decoration small space

terrace exterior design

Deco ideas and cheap recovery for small open space

small garden idea landscaping terrace outdoor old objects

Garden decoration with pergola for small area

furniture terrace small space outdoor furniture

Integrated furniture to save space in small gardens

ideas landscaping small outdoor terrace

Small garden idea: flowers for small spaces

flower pot plant small garden outdoor

Small outdoor garden with hammock and wooden furniture

terrace small space ideas

Small outdoor garden on gravel and wood

small garden sand stone wood idea landscaping

Small modern garden with open living room and flower pot

small outdoor garden design living room pebbles

Idea for a small outdoor area: dining area and vertical garden

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small garden fountain fish ideas

flower for small space garden ideas

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to make garden small space relax

how to make garden small spaces

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small outdoor landscaping space

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outside idea layout corner

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