Small open kitchen: original design ideas

small open-kitchen-ideas

In many small apartments and houses the kitchen is really the focal point of activity. It's a space where, apart from cooking, we sit down to talk with our friends or family or read the paper on Sunday morning.

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The small open kitchen is a big challenge in itself but, believe it or not, the options of decoration are very numerous. And yet, the most important thing for a small kitchen opened is to try to make it as functional as possible while keeping it beautiful and comfortable. In this article, you will find many useful tips to help you in this difficult task.

Interesting decoration of small open kitchen

small open kitchen deco interesting

The optimization of space in the small kitchen is very important. Making a logical arrangement helps maximize space and makes maintenance and cleaning easier, especially in the most used areas. The open kitchen with preparation, cooking and washing area on one side and bar on the other is really very efficient and comfortable. Having a storage strategy is also a must in the small kitchen. Make sure everything has its own place in the kitchen. You must decorate and decorate your small kitchen so that you have easy access to equipment and storage furniture to save time and effort.

Small open kitchen decorated with contemporary design

small open kitchen beige gray

The quality of the equipment is also very important and you will realize it as time goes by. Choose multifunctional appliances and products will help you save time and space - a cutting board that can be folded over the sink is a great example. The materials and finishes you plan to use in your kitchen are other things you need to consider.

Modern kitchen decoration with small central island

small open kitchen interesting design

The quality of materials and finishes is fundamental for the decoration of the open kitchen. By using durable materials that age elegantly like wood, stone, ceramics, glass and steel, the decor of the kitchen will gain character over time. Avoid plastic and laminate that degrade easily and can harbor bacteria. Open shelves are a good option for small kitchens because they do not have doors that can take up even more space. On the other hand, on open shelves, everything is visible and you will be forced to store only the things you love and really use.

Kitchen decoration idea

small open kitchen idee deco

It is advisable to also use the wall space. Thus, a wall with hooks on which you hang your pots and pans, can become a very beautiful decoration. Once again, investing in quality rather than quantity is a very important principle, even if it is a question of developing a kitchen at a low price. Opt for proven methods and materials and avoid the trendy alternatives of the moment. Need more ideas for the layout of your little one open kitchen ? So look closely at our ideas in pictures below that will help you find your inspiration:

Small kitchen with bar decorated with white tiles

small open kitchen tiled floor

Small wooden kitchen

small open-kitchen-wood

Small modern kitchen in white

cooking small deco idea

Small contemporary kitchen decoration

kitchen open design idea

Design kitchen in wood with white central island

open kitchen small deco

deco small modern kitchen

decoration modern kitchen island

open kitchen decoration

open concept kitchen design

decoration small kitchen island

decoration small modern kitchen

idea open kitchen deco

idea deco open kitchen dining room

open kitchen ideas

small kitchen elegant deco

small stainless steel kitchen

small kitchen original deco

small modern design kitchen

small open kitchen beige

small white open kitchen

small open kitchen light wood

small open contemporary kitchen

small open kitchen minimalist deco

small open kitchen design

small elegant open kitchen

small kitchen open elegante deco

modern small open kitchen

small open kitchen gray

small open kitchen idea

small open kitchen design idea

small kitchen open central island

small open kitchen black white

small open kitchen minimalist style

small kitchen open to dining room

small kitchen open on living room

small open kitchen ultra modern

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