Small room: how to make it more spacious?


Make the small room larger is often difficult, but making it appear visually more spacious is actually possible. In this article, we offer some useful tips that will help you to visually enlarge your small bedroom.

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Start with the bed area. A large headboard, a large mirror on the wall above the bed or a horizontal wall decor will help you avoid the bed attracting the attention that often happens in the small bedrooms .

Small white room with large windows

small room light colors

What you can also try to make more spacious small room is to choose a minimalist decor. Luxury is often in the details, but do not overdo it. Just decorating the bed and windows is enough for the small room. As for the colors, the light shades are a good choice for small rooms. Neutral shades and hidden lights will make the room look much larger. And if you like bright colors, you can always choose some accents in colors to make the decor more original.

Small modern room decorated in black and white

small white black deco room

Storage furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows are a must for small spaces. The tall cabinets will not only help you with storage. Thanks to them, the ceiling will appear higher. The windows, moreover, will have the same effect. In case you still lack storage space, use the underside of the bed or the space below the windows. Opt for sliding doors that do not require extra space to open and try to leave more free space on the floor. Here are some ideas in pictures:

Small space bedroom layout idea

small modern bedroom

Elegant bedroom deco

deco bedroom adult light colors

Interesting bedroom decoration

contemporary adult bedroom deco

Bedroom design small space

small room roof window

Adult bedroom decoration with mirrored wall

small room furniture mirror

Original decoration of modern adult bedroom

deco white modern room

Bedroom small space decorated in blue

small adult bedroom decoration

small deco room interesting

idea bedroom deco

small modern deco room

idea deco original adult room

small minimalist deco room

small zen deco room

small modern design room

small room modern bed

small room walls bricks

small room sliding door mirror

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