Small studio layout: some tips and decorating ideas

small studio layout with partition shelf

We all have an image in mind of the house of our dreams and this image is rarely one of a small studio . This article is here to convince you otherwise. So today we are looking at the small studio layout with 24 examples of studios all overflowing with originality.

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Small studio layout: very original example with two sliding partitions

small studio layout with sliding partition

Having only one piece to decorate may seem useless, if not impossible, and yet it is perfectly achievable with a little inspiration. Scroll down to discover several tips that will help you to decorate and decorate your small studio.

How to give the impression of a bigger studio? With a mirror along the wall

small studio layout with mirror

First of all, it all depends on your perception of space. Your living room is not small, it is cozy. If it is not, then think of arranging it so as to bring out that warm side that attracts so much in the compact spaces.

Small studio layout with loft bed to optimize the space below

amenagement small studio loft bed

Think also about the color palette. The smaller your space, the more nuances you need to be clear so that you do not feel opressed. Opt for light colors such as white or pastel shades. You can then liven up the decor with touches of brighter colors.

And here is another example of bed arranged in mezzanine

studio with mezzanine bed

For what it is partitions, avoid them! Your space will appear much larger if you do not partition it. That being said, you can always delimit the different spaces of your studio thanks to library furniture or curtains. The sliding panel is also a good idea, especially if it is translucent.

The folding table in this kitchen is a great idea to save space

beautiful studio with folding table

Another way to separate one space from the other without laying partitions is to raise a part on a platform. The difference will be symbolic but the result very successful.

Install a curtain as a lightweight and easy partition

partition wall curtain

Think also about the loft bed. This bed, arranged in height and accessible via a ladder, is an excellent choice to optimize the space and increase the living space. You can arrange the space underneath and transform it into a rest area by putting, for example, a sofa or an office.

Cozy studio punctuated with several orange accents

orange studio decorations

If you do not like to sleep high up, you can also opt for a Murphy bed, a wardrobe bed or a sofa bed. These versatile furniture give you the opportunity to have a flexible space that changes according to your needs.

The retractable bed is another effective way to gain living space

foldaway bed for small spaces

And if you have a handy soul, why not make your own bed on wheels? The example below reflects the spirit of a changing interior that is flexible with a bed in a cube that can be moved around the studio. Ingenious, no?

A bed with wheels is also an innovative concept that you can make at home

mobile bed cube bed on wheels

Side storage space, no need to sacrifice order in favor of disorder. Opt for wall shelves and furniture that hide drawers. One of the golden rules for small studio development is that of order. The more the studio is tidied, the more spacious it will look.

Small studio layout marked by wood and gold accents

small studio wood color accents

Also think of lighting to avoid dark corners. If your space is well lit, it will be optimized and you will feel more comfortable.

Compact studio with small office area and plenty of storage space

small studio with office area

Also use a lot of mirrors. They give the illusion of a room twice as large, a very crucial power in the small studio layout.

A platform defines the space between the living room and the open space bedroom

small studio with raised bed

For what it is the decor, do not be afraid of unusual accessories or large streetlights. If you stay sober in your decor, you can use these few elements as room centers.

Beautiful white studio animated by color accessories

small studio decor all in white

Mix the styles too! A minimalist style is interesting in itself, but an eclectic decor gives a lot more charm to a cozy interior.

Partition wall that kills two birds with one stone

small studio delimited by library furniture

Play with the colors too. As we said above, they are very important. You can opt for a white decor punctuated with color accents or bet on materials.

Small studio decorated in an ultra-contemporary style

small contemporary design studio

If the accent does not come colors, it can very well come furniture. The sofa above stands out of the decor and for good reason - it is very original!

Small Parisian studio with rustic partition between bedroom and living room

small Parisian studio with partition wall

In the studio above, the only colors are white and red but the contrast works perfectly: the red brings out the white and vice versa.

The spaces are separated thanks to a well placed library furniture

studio with partition wall

One of the big advantages of open space studios is the ability to move furniture. If you feel like it, you can customize your studio and change the layout of the furniture as you see fit.

Small studio with accent wall in bright red

open space studio

Sometimes, just moving a sofa to feel like living in a different studio. If space does not allow, you can repaint your walls, adorn them with shelves, or simply install a reading corner with its own floor lamp.

Design studio punctuated by colorful furniture

open space studio accents color

Do not forget the carpets! The open space studio below is very interesting since the owners have opted for a chic carpet that helps separate the resting space from the workspace.

Beautiful studio with a little bohemian decor

spacious open space studio

To summarize, what are our tips for designing a small studio? Start by feeling the space and think about the layout of your interior.

Studio with clear shades and transparent luster

beautiful little studio light colors

Avoid partitions and put everything on the open space. Opt for lighter shades with color accents. Think of the mirrors to enlarge the space and do not forget to pay attention to the lighting!

Small studio layout with sofa bed and lots of storage

beautiful studio with sofa bed design

Of course, choose your furniture so that they are versatile. In the example above, the sofa next to a few steps to a bed is a great idea!

The office area is located on a small platform that delimits the space

beautiful studio with office area on platform

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