Small window curtain: window covering according to the parts

idea curtain blue white living room bathroom idea

There are many ways to dress your windows: curtains , sheers, stickers, blackout panels, blinds and others. What is the most suitable dressing for your small windows?

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To find the answer, discover our gallery of 55 ideas from small window curtain .

Small window curtain in 55 inspiring ideas

If you want to protect yourself from outside looks and do not deprive yourself of the natural light of the sun, there are several ideas that may be suitable for your windows. For example, put on a white or other light color that will let the light pass while protecting you from the eyes. Another very practical solution is the blackout panel. Here is a sign to scratch black and white very trendy:

Black and white striped drop-down

curtain black and white store bathroom idea window

If your inside lack of color, the curtain is the ideal solution to bring a little color in your living room, kitchen, dining room or bedroom. Choose the color according to the design of your interior and associate it well with the colors already present in the interior in question. It is also important to follow one's own tastes and preferences in choosing colors.

White curtain with floral motifs and wooden sign

roller blind wood kitchen idea design curtain small window

The curtain on slides is ideal if you have a small roof window. You can, of course, install a blind, but to be more original the backstage curtain is a very good idea. For small windows, one of the most common solutions is the valance. It represents a simple strip of fabric that will dress your windows with charm.

Curtain on slides ideal for roof windows

curtains backstage design idea bedroom roof window

The sliding panel is very practical. It can cover partially or totally your window. It is chic and easy to handle. The stickers are invited on our windows! Ideal solution for bathrooms or living room, blackout stickers dress the windows gently. They preserve your privacy without blocking the passage of light. They can also be a very elegant decoration.

Sliding panels in three different colors

idea curtain small window sliding blackout panels

Stickers and deceptive movies have become a trend lately. They are ideal for the bathroom, living room or kitchen.

Blanking sticker in white

Sticker trompe l'oeil window idea kitchen bathroom deco

The rolling awning is a common solution for roof windows. It will allow you to play with the brightness of your room. It can be blackout, sift or open. There are also Venetian blinds. To effectively and partially hide the light, the Venetian blind comes to the rescue. For a warmer and cocoon interior, opt for wooden Venetian blinds.

wood blinds interior design bedroom deco ideas

If complete black does not bother you, blackout curtains are the perfect solution for the bedroom.

curtain window idea blackout design bedroom

Which curtain to choose for his kitchen? The kitchen is really not an intimate space and the occultation does not have to be complete. On the contrary, it is better to opt for a window shade that lets in light and you can quietly cook. Opt for a transparent or light-colored curtain or for a windbreak.

Brinkwash for the kitchen

windshield kitchen small window curtain idea

The one-way mirror has always been perfect to protect yourself from prying eyes! Often those who live on the ground floor, prefer this way of occultation to ensure complete privacy, but keep natural light.

Blackout sticker for window with original pattern

little window idea blackout sticker

The solutions are very numerous: trompe-l'oeil panels, glossy, flowery, striped or leather curtains, blinds with vertical or colored stripes, curtains and others. It all depends on your tastes and the room where your small window is located. Some rooms require more privacy than others. For this reason, the choice is yours! We hope we will help and inspire you with our idea gallery:

Stickers ideal for the child or teen room

child room idea window stickers

Sticker optical illusion

Small window curtain: window covering according to the parts

Small striped window curtain in white and red

red white stripes curtains idea window kitchen decor

curtain small window idea bathroom deco curtains design

roller blind idea curtain toilet small window wc

curtain small window idea sofa cushions

curtain little window idea cushions bedroom girl

curtain small window gray white idea

curtain small window sheer white transparent deco flowers bathroom ideas

curtain small window idea furniture wood kitchen design

curtain small window white patterns flowers idea kitchen

toilet small window idea sticker blackout deco wc

windshield kitchen small window curtain idea

curtains window bedroom baby idea decorating flowers toys

designs hens curtains window dining room idea chair wood wooden table

curtain small window pattern fruit idea deco plant kitchen

curtain small window idea garland deco bedroom bathroom kitchen

curtain small window idea interior design occultation window kitchen

idea curtain small window store curtain pattern flowers

curtain small window green design fixture hanging bathroom

Movie deceive the eye kitchen idea silhouette cat

curtain black and white idea store drop down fabric design interior kitchen black and white

window curtain blackout idea living room curtain white

kitchen small window idea curtain white red design kitchen kitchen plant

kitchen curtain small window idea curtain blackout white veiling pattern deco flowers

idea window curtain blackout beige sink kitchen plant decoration idea

curtain retro dining room idea occultation window table dining room wood chair deco wall green

curtain black and white drop down idea kitchen furniture wood design extractor hood

shutters wood windows idea deco starfish chair wood design

curtain small window idea store drop down design

curtain window bathroom idea mirror round deco bathroom modern idea

curtain white floral pattern idea bathroom yellow white curtains

woolen blind design idea deco window drop down

teen room window curtain decorating idea

white curtain kitchen idea window blackout curtain white sheer curtain

white kitchen curtain sheer interior decorating idea

panel window pattern flowers idea occultation window

window panel black pink design idea bathroom panel blackout

pink curtains bedroom girl idea decor wall drawing office wood vintage chair

bathroom window idea blackout curtain black white bathtub deco design

dark black sticker design deco idea

kitchen idea blackout curtain vintage modern interior

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