Small wooden cabin under Starlight stars

little wood cabin design star holiday idea

Located near Cortina, Italy, the little hut Starlight allows people to sleep in the mountains under the stars while enjoying contemporary comfort.

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The unique hut is located at almost 2 133.6 meters above sea level in the Alps. She is riding a pair of big skis. With a ceiling and glass walls, the tiny cabin offers an extraordinary view of the beautiful surrounding Alpine landscape. Starlight allows visitors to enjoy the starry sky at night, away from light pollution and noise. Inside, there is an adjustable bed, which converts into a sofa, a flat-screen TV with DVD player, pregnant to listen to music and a heater. The Starlight cabin can be booked for one or two people for $ 333 per night (dinner and breakfast included) .

Small Starlight cabin located in the Alps near Cortina, Italy

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