Sofa and suspended bed for terrace and garden decoration

suspended rope bed and blue sofa for cozy terrace deco

How to choose best sofa and hanging bed for a terrace or garden? Here are some ideas that will help you to do it yourself or to buy this type of furniture. In the past, hanging beds and floating couches were part of the exterior decoration made from pieces of wood that could be painted or left as is.

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This kind of bed is inspired by hammocks and exists even in a version intended for interior decoration . In addition to being original and aesthetic, it has the advantage of saving space in small bedrooms.

Sofa and hanging bed for outdoor decoration - a furniture to do yourself or aquire?

wooden suspended bed and chain and modern design terrace

As for the hanging garden bed, even today, many people prefer this simple and friendly look for the decoration of their terraces and gardens. They choose either to acquire a pretty wooden sofa with a vintage look, or to make themselves a garden furniture in pallet with beds suspended in bohemian style.

Hanging wooden sofa with cushions and deco of contemporary terrace

suspended bed terrace outdoor patio

In fact, nothing is easier than making yourself a floating bed or garden sofa. You only need a few heavy-duty cables or chains and an old bed. Once equipped with these elements, you would be ready for moments of relaxation and leisure in your garden!

Hanging bed: ideas for decorating terraces and gardens

suspended bed canapes terrace modern design

If you are not a lover of DIY, you can buy furniture of this type. How to find your way in the products offered by traders? Designmag offers some practical ideas. They are meant to help you select the best product for your patio or garden. To read, below!

Outdoor deco tips with hanging bed - how to choose the best furniture?

modern suspended bed with chains and design wood

To choose the right bed or sofa suspended for the decoration of an outdoor space, one should think, of course, the size of your terrace and its color. But above all, you have to think about your way of life. Like any other piece of furniture, this type of outdoor furniture should match your personal needs and your style.

Terrace decoration with floating sofa bed in white

vintage hanging couch white terrace

Do you prefer vintage style or modern decor? Are you going to use your hanging sofa with your children or alone? To determine which style you prefer and how you will use this furniture, you can take inspiration from the photos we offer.

Suspended terrace bed or garden - what are the most common manufacturing materials?

hanging beds ideas decoration sofa terrace

Regarding the materials, one can choose to acquire a bed or sofa suspended in wood or plastic. While plastic hanging beds and sofas are generally cheaper, those made of wood are usually more durable.

Floating bed for outdoor decoration

outdoor bed suspended terraces

A hanging bed is usually placed in a part of the terrace or garden that is protected from the rain. However, this does not mean that this furniture is not exposed to water and moisture. Like any other object of outdoor decoration, the floating or suspended bed is therefore threatened by the weather conditions.

How to enjoy your outdoor hanging furniture longer?

sofa beds hanging gardens

To benefit from hanging your garden or patio furniture longer, make sure it is made to withstand moisture. Some types of wood are more suitable for outdoor use than others. They are a good option for such outdoor furniture.

Original wooden deck decoration with hanging sofa

floating bed sofas hanging wood terraces

Otherwise, there are also specific wood treatments that ensure the longevity of garden furniture or terrace. Find out about the best products to use to maintain your hanging bed or sofa.

What is the ideal size of a suspended bed or sofa for a terrace or garden?

sofas bench bed wood terraces white

Whatever material you choose, our advice is to acquire the largest piece of furniture possible. Because, even if you think that this furniture is only an additional decoration for your living room of garden or terrace, you will quickly realize that this piece of the charming furniture has the magic power to attract all the members of your family, big or small!

Nice hanging bed in white for garden decoration

suspended wooden deco terrace bed

As well, small hanging beds are preferred if you are absolutely sure that you use them alone. Of course, another reason to opt for a couch or floating bed is related to the lack of room. Small furniture is designed to fit in small outdoor spaces. They are the best option for those who have to decorate a mini terrace or garden.

How to maintain your couch or suspended garden bed?

sofa terrace patio white garden

Whether your suspended sofa is DIY or purchased, it needs maintenance to allow you to enjoy it longer. Good to know: the maintenance of the outdoor furniture is essential and this whatever the material of manufacture. The furniture of terrace or garden is exposed, every day, to important climatic aggressions.

Bed and hanging sofa decorating a modern terrace

suspended bed house patio terrace

Sunlight, rain and wind can adversely affect furniture surfaces made of wood, plastic, resin and metal. They can in particular cause discoloration of part of the furniture and, more generally, degradation.

Pattern of suspended terrace sofa supported by a metal chain

outdoor sofa contemporary bed terrace design

To avoid these effects on your suspended bed or couch, be sure to maintain it regularly. Discover, below, some easy care tips for this type of furniture.

Suspended sofa Eliza by Vintage Porch Swings

sofa veranda bed terrace and hanging garden

On the maintenance side, sofas and hanging beds do not require much care and can be cleaned with a cloth and a little water. No need to use chemicals that are too strong, as they can damage the surface of your furniture. And, in addition, they can cause reactions in children who like to have fun on the suspended sofas.

Suspended bed and sofa: outdoor decorative idea

couch suspended terrace

If you have chosen a wooden suspended bed or sofa, consider also using a little oil on the surface of this furniture once or twice a year. It's a good reflex that will help you protect the wood and ensure a longer life to your suspended bed or sofa.

How to refresh or relook an outdoor furniture that has lost its luster

outdoor decoration sofas beds hanging terraces

Outdoor wood furniture, such as those intended for indoor use, can be painted or left in their natural color. A good way to refresh the look of your outdoor furniture is to repaint or lacquer it.

Suspended wooden deck chair with chains

outdoor sofa modern child terraces

The chosen option will depend on the color of the surface you want. It's up to you to decide whether you prefer a natural shade or an original paint color!

To go further: outdoor sofas and beds - ideas and inspiration for deco to explore

wooden sofa beds hanging deco terraces

And now, you can discover all our proposals for suspended garden bed using the photos below. They will give you ideas of furniture sofas or beds hanging to make or to acquire.

Brynn Deck Deco Floating Bed by Vintage Porch Swings

sofa suspended outdoor terraces

Wooden hanging beds: decoration idea with cushions

sofas bed hanging wood decoration ideas

Wooden suspended sofa and bed with blue decoration by Porchco

sofa wood sofa terrace and veranda

Hanging sofa idea in white for terrace

sofa beds hanging terraces white

Hanging bed in white design

garden sofa white hanging beds

Floating bed model and outdoor decorating idea

do bed hanging outdoor deco palette

Example of floating bed with pergola

canopies hanging garden pergolas

Original decoration with bed hanging on a tree

hanging beds original garden

Hanging sofa with bohemian style decoration

boho bed wood outdoor landscaping

Original floating wooden bed

beach chair floating wood beds

Hanging wooden bed model and garden decoration idea

wooden floating beds ardin outdoor

floating sofa white decorations terrace

canape outdoor furniture bed hanging style vintage gardens

vintage bed sofas hanging wall decoration ideas

sofas hanging wood beds terraces

sofas decks deco wood bed

wood beds outdoor furniture garden sofa

sofas decoration terraces wooden bed

sofa swing wood terraces modern

sofas hanging swing wood terraces

hanging beds swinging contemporary terrace sofa

bed wood terrace swing sofa

sofas bed swing hanging garden terrace wood

sofa beds hanging garden swing garden deco

canapes hanging wood swing gardens

sofa hanging wood deco terraces swing

hanging bed and hammock outdoor decoration

hammock sofa bed swing terrace decoration

sofa bed living room white terrace

sofa beds swings hanging white terrace

sofas hanging white bed deck layout

sofa hanging garden deco bed

couch floating bed bench decoration terrace

sofa bed outdoor furniture

sofas bed hanging white terrace

sofa bed hanging garden white

suspended bed modern terraces sofas

sofa bed hanging idea decoration

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