Sophisticated new year decoration in black and gold

Happy New Year in black and gold party end of the year

A new year decoration sumptuous, rich and brilliant is quite acceptable and even recommended. Because it is often said that the new year depends on how you celebrate your arrival.

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So, do it with style, greatness and even a bit of excess - for once it's allowed and no one will judge you! Today we offer you a decoration for this magical holiday entirely based on two colors - black and gold.

Bright new year decoration in gold glitter

Bright new year decoration in golden glitter table accessory

The new year decoration requires not only a decoration of the house or room where the evening will unfold, but also a specific attention that must be worn on the table decoration. Fortunately, in our case you will not have trouble because the black and gold are popular colors, you will find without worry of the table runners, towels, appropriate dishes. If you want something more specific, you can tinker with your own round towels , with feathers or more glitter.

Example of table decoration for the occasion

Example table decoration new year black golden plate occasion

We also have some DIY proposals for you - for example champagne bottles covered with golden glitter. An idea so simple but super impressive and original! You can also transform the simple balloons and customize them as you want with a gold spray. We let you watch our selected ideas and hope you find your inspiration for this year's New Year's decor.

Simple bottle deco demo for your party

Simple demo tutoring deco bottle for your party glitter

It will be great if you find champagne with gold

decoration champagne find black gold table

Beautiful design in both colors

Beautiful two-color contrast black gold design

Table decoration designed in black, white and gold

Deco table designed in black white gold rich heat splendor

A vintage hat for more style and elegance

black gold vintage hat decoration more elegance style

Food can also be part of the decoration

food be part of the deco macaroons black

Very stylish design with two contrasting colors

new year decoration very style two contrasting colors black gold

DIY custom balloons to add your personal touch

DIY custom balloons add personal touch white gold brico

Shiny home decoration for party in silver and copper gold

Black gold glittery table entirely in design

little shine wealth does not hurt anybody new year deco

New year Idea for DIY gold candles

Garland original simple homemade golden new year

cherry new year decoration of the spoiled black and gold idea

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