Sowing grass: which lawn for your garden?

sowing lawn beautiful garden

You have a nice little garden where you want sow sod . Before sowing it is strongly advised to think carefully: what kind of grass do you want? You can choose between a lawn ornament, turf for relaxation or for sports.

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Sowing grass: a pool in a beautiful garden

pool view sowing lawn

You will have to choose your grasses according to the climate. If you want the highest quality turf, choose the bentgrass: aesthetic, with fine foliage, very pleasant color, velvety green. If you want fast germination, choose a mixture of ryegrass.

A grass garden with flowers

garden grass flowers

This type of turf mixture, offers a very good resistance to trampling and weather conditions. If you have a very dry ground, fescue is a good option because of its high resistance to drought. On the contrary, if the soil of your garden is rather humid, opt for bluegrass.

A lawn in a garden

zoom lawn garden

This type of grass has one main advantage: it stays green all year round. If you want a tough, easy to maintain and sow grass, go for the sod. In addition, this type of grass adapts perfectly to any climate and soil. For an aesthetic and practical garden, choose the seeds according to the type of lawn you want.

A swimming pool and a beautiful lawn

pool view beautiful lawn

We have selected for you some pictures to inspire you in creating a dream garden. Once your lawn is chosen, you can think of decorating your outdoor space. For your optimal comfort, it is important to choose the right furniture for your garden. Choose shrubs and plants and give your dream look to this little piece of paradise. To take full advantage of its garden, all you have to do is find out about the choice of grass, the right time to sow it and prepare the ground.

A dream garden

grass beautiful garden flowers

Sowing grass

zoom seeding

A garden before laying a lawn

garden view without grass

A development of a beautiful garden and a view of the grass

amenagement garden view turf

The maintenance of a garden

garden maintenance zoom

A beautiful green lawn in a garden

beautiful green lawn garden

A lawn in a garden and a view of a bench

zoom lawn garden bench

garden view green lawn

modern lawn garden

garden zoom

beautiful contemporary garden lawn

zoom lawn garden design

green garden beautiful lawn

zoom wall stone view turf

modern garden view turf

garden zoom lawn

garden preparation sowing lawn

zoom front garden lay turf

modern garden green design house

zoom lawn vetr garden

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