Sports Cars: The new McLaren 570GT

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Have you ever explored the pictures of the new McLaren 570 GT, one of the sports cars presented at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show? Come find his pictures! The McLaren 570 GT is one of the latest models that the English brand of F1 has just revealed to the general public at the Geneva Motor Show.

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Sports Cars: McLaren's new 570 GT

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The model on the image at the top is intended for those looking for a modern car and dynamic that they would like to lead on a daily basis. With its interior fully leather upholstered seats on the floor, the 570 GT promises an unforgettable experience and indisputably luxurious. In short, a perfect combination of performance and comfort!

Sports Cars: Image of the 570 GT by McLaren

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Unlike Ferrari, which revealed a four-seat luxury just recently, the GTC 4 Lusso , the English brand remains true to its vocation and offers a two-seater model. The latter, however, is equipped with a trunk at the back that is placed under the canopy and opens on the side. In terms of comfort, the interior of the new 570 GT is equipped with a glass ceiling and adjustable seats and a touch screen that gives you the ability to control its software easily.

Modern two-seater sports cars by McLaren

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But even if it is intended for everyday use, the new car from the McLaren collection is above all a high performance vehicle. Weighing only 1, 350 kg and equipped with a V8 engine of 570 hp, it reaches 100 km / h in 3, 4 s. and she is able to drive at a maximum speed of 328 km / h.

Sports Car Image: McLaren Luxury Model

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Presented at the Geneva Motor Show, the brand new McLaren 570 GT will soon be available in France where it will be sold at a price of 196,950 euros. So, is this the right model for you? The exclusive images below will certainly allow you to make an opinion. Hurry up and be among the first to explore them:

Modern cars of the Geneva Motor Show

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Deluxe leather car interior with glass ceiling

car photos luxury modern model

Leather lounge and ultra modern steering system

modern cars geneve model

Interior image of the new McLaren in red

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Photo of the new 570 GT by McLaren

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mclaren modern sports car

model 570 GT sport modern car

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