Spring 2015 trend color palette

trendy color palette beige sofa rug design west elm decorating table design chair small living room coffee table

It is certain that you have already heard what is the trend color of the year 2015: the color Marsala ! Present in several designs, CB2 and West Elm studios offer us a color pallet decorative objects and designer furniture for a fresh and fresh atmosphere at home.

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Discover this selection of 17 examples of objects in trendy colors.

Palette de couleurs: Arianna Petrich's small design table for CB2

trendy color palette living room table design arianna petrich cb2 coffee table living room yellow red mint

Intense colors are very present in this collection. If you have a rather dark interior and you need a spring touch, you can put a very stylish carpet of West Elm . The carpet has long been excluded from modern design because it is not very functional. It requires regular maintenance because it absorbs a lot of dust. Many design studios have decided to take this element of interior design and make it more contemporary. Nowadays, this tradition has been transformed into a modern choice. The rug can also define a small play area for children. It is good to have it in winter to have warm feet. Feather pens by Anthropologie are also a return to the past. It's their contemporary version. They are perfect to offer or just to put on your desk.

Palette of colors: back in time ... the fountain pens!

trendy color palette fountain pen design Anthropologie

Small objects make great decoration. The kitchen is a convenient and inappropriate place for a decoration too imposing. Its purpose is that it is functional. We do not need additional decorative objects. CB2 offers us a rich color palette of towels cotton table. Both decorative and practical, these napkins will be a nice detail on your table.

Color palette on your table: CB2 napkins

color palette table napkin deco modern table CB2

Another practical and decorative element is the table tops. These containers are not expensive and can facilitate the movement of objects, food and drinks. A breakfast in bed, a small tea party or a dinner outside, the tray is an indispensable object. Several stores offer a wide range of extraordinary table top designs.

Palette of colors in the form of carpets!

color palette living room interior design lamp hanging yellow and design living room table chair white wood carpet design red and white minimalist west elm

Carpet of extraordinary design

color palette rugs ray pattern lamp hanging design coffee table living room west elm

Wall and design carpet

trend color spring wall rug dragon blue west elm modern design

Rectangular rug by West Elm

floor rug design west elm deco bedroom desk wooden green deco plants table

White, beige and brown carpet by West Elm

trend colors 2015 carpet west elm pouf table top sofa design living room

Design table top

trend color modern wood table top design white red yellow blue mint

Small Box, Enamel Design for West Elm

small box design trend color 2015 spring matches object design gift idea

A vibrating wool cushion

living room design cushion wool living room cushion vibrating urban outfitters

Chair in metal and orange, design by CB2

trendy color metal garden chair orange cb2

gray sofa cushions colorful drawn beautiful design comfortable deco living room modern

cushion earth comfort design idea color trend vinyl gramophone bedroom

interior living room modern red table sofa gray stool stool table top blue plant lamp modern and design

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