Spring and summer children's room decoration

decoration blue child room floor rug frame wall shelf

The beautiful days have finally arrived ... This beautiful season invades our hearts and our homes. The windows are open, we breathe the wind and the freshness that offers us the summer.

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We spend more time outside: eating, talking, having a drink, playing, playing sports. If you have a garden, you certainly spend your summer days there. At the same time, in the evening we go home and we will love to keep this same feeling of lightness and good mood. How? By decorating your house in a spring and summer way with lots of flowers and bright colors: invite summer to your home! Today we focus on the decoration of the nursery. Your child will love these blue and captivating patterns reminiscent of the soft waves of the sea. Check out our selection of summer decorating ideas for the kid's room in several awesome ideas! You can decorate with drawings, frames, objects ... the possibilities are many, the season is one! Enjoy the sun and celebrate life!

Child room decoration in blue and green

decoration child room blue green design bed wallpaper

First of all before getting into the decoration choice, consult with your child. Examine carefully his tastes and preferences (if he is already at an age he can make choices) and make the best choice. Dreamer, explorer or swimmer ... you will see some wonderful ideas for a very original decoration for the bedroom of your child.

Children's room decoration: why not draw clouds ?

decoration child bedroom armchair orange clouds

Here is a simple idea: you can paint the walls in green and blue, then with the help of your child, draw pretty clouds. This orange chair harmonizes very well with. You can also make a composition of funny frames. The example below represents a series of drawing of animals from the ocean.

Child room decoration: composition of frames

decoration room fish frame ocean dolphin fish

Here is a wall designed by a professional. The drawing recreates an underwater world. This is the theme that makes you think at most in the summer. The kids love it! Our tips for a summer decoration: have a preference for light, cool and bright colors, shades that are similar to those of nature.

A very pretty drawing

decoration child room dolphin fish medusa

The underwater world

decoration child bedroom drawing wall cabinet white lamp

Hanging decoration design idea


Practical and decorative, perfect for storing books and comics

decorating room child shelf white storage books

decoration room child safari idea original deco plant light

decoration bedroom child plush cloud bed wood idea bedroom child

decorate room child dolphins bed furniture white wood

child room decoration wall carpet floor bed white wardrobe

decoration room child blue white original carpet floor shelves

decorating bedroom child idea original wall frames floor mats bed chair

room decor child floor rug bed curtains cushions

arrange bedroom child modern blue orange floor rug white bookshelf bookcase

arrange room child deco orange wood shelves floor mats

bedroom child dream floor rug blue curtains purple design lamp white wall clouds

child bedroom arrangement red gray shelves floor mats

bedroom child deco floor mats yellow bed wood design

decoration bedroom green kid bedroom sea blue

decoration child idea bedroom bed carpet

room child deco blue yellow green carpet floor wood design

decoration child room floor mats ottoman coffee table shelves orange green

arrange bedroom child idea original furniture wood yellow rainbow drawing wall plush bear

decoration room child drawing frog bench cactus

child bedroom deco blue bed floor mats tree

bedroom decor child's rug white sofa

deco bedroom child bed wall drawing curtains arrangement

deco bedroom summer trend child chair bed

decoration room child idea bed rug starfish

decoration child room blue sea dolphins fish

decoration bedroom child bed two-story cabinets

decoration child room cloud diy original

decorate bedroom deco bed storage wall blue

room decorate theme safari summer trend child

arrange room child girl drawing wall chair white wooden floor

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