Staircase arrangement: original proposals

arrangement under staircase idea storage wood

Do you live in a house or apartment on two levels? So, consider one of these staircase design ideas and gain more space! Do you remember Harry Potter's room in his in-laws' house in Surrey?

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The sorcerer's apprentice lived in a very small space under the stairs in the Dursley's home. In the magical world of J. K. Rowling, this mini chamber is one of the symbols of the horrible treatment inflicted on Harry by these muggles. But in real life, the idea of ​​taking advantage of the free area under the stairs of his house is not bad at all. We give you the proof with a collection of original proposals for the development of this space.

Stairs under stairs: furniture with bar

deco idea under stairs

To decide what you would like to do with space under the staircase in your home, you should first know if you need an extra room or storage area. Often, even if you live in a large house, you would be happy to use a little more space to install a large closet or a corner dedicated to a specific activity.

Interior space under wood staircase with work area

An idea that seduced us and that we illustrate with some examples in this article. Think of the options to mobilize this space with a bottle storage cabinet, a closet or wardrobe, a library, a reading or work corner, a bar or even a kitchen and toilet.

Stairs under stairs: work or home reading area

idea layout under stairs offices

The layout of a reading corner or working under a staircase is relatively simple and can be done in a weekend. In this case, no need to buy new furniture; just have a office compact and some shelves. That's all you need to create a quiet work place.

Office idea under sloping stairs

landscaping under Scandinavian interior stairs

Do the same to successfully install a reading space. Place a small, comfortable bench or sofa. Accompany them with one or two shelves on which you will store a cup of hot chocolate or tea. And here you are, ready to transport yourself to a magical world with a book!

Stairs under stairs: kitchen with bar

under stair installation bar

The installation of a storage cabinet in the area under the stairs requires a little more effort and preparation. This is because these spaces often have irregular shapes that vary from one house to another. As a result, it is much more difficult to find furniture that will return without problem in this particular space.

Storage idea with open shelves for space under stairs

arrangement under stairs storage-kitchen-small-space

Know that you may need to order a custom storage or be creative and make it yourself. Of course, it will be the same for the creation of a kitchen or toilet in this same area.

Stairs under stairs with open storage

decoration space under stairs

A third option, which is fairly simple, is to use this space in your home for open storage such as a bookcase or shelves. This solution is very easy to achieve with materials found in shops. It will appeal to those who do not necessarily need more space, but who would like to exhibit books or works of art.

Wooden staircase furniture

make a piece of furniture under stairs

This solution is particularly suitable for stairs that are in a living room, a corridor or an entrance. Use the space below the steps by installing a bookcase or attach open shelves directly to the wall!

Set up a bar or wine cellar in its under-stairs space

under-stairs installation small-space-bar

Wine lovers and those who like to entertain friends for a drink will love the idea of ​​creating a bar or wine cellar below their stairs. To make a bar, plan a furniture with wheels or a buffet that can enter the area in question.

Staircase storage tip

furniture storage under stairs

As for the wine cellar, you would need a matching bottle storage cabinet. And if you have a large collection, try to find the type of storage that best fits your stairs. You will save space for your bottles of wine!

furniture under stairs bottle storage

And if you want a really impressive cellar, think of a cabinet with doors and a temperature control system. You will keep your bottles of wine like a pro!

Practical storage ideas to optimize the space under stairs

dressing furniture under stairs

The organization of the space under stairs is not always an easy task, even if one has the necessary time and ideas. To give your interior a more organized look, opt for storage with doors. These will hide the mess and give your home a much more elegant look.

Small library under stairs

library layout under stairs

You still prefer to stick to open furniture? In this case, limit the number of objects you intend to expose. Do not overload the under stairwell area to avoid a messy interior.

Decoration of space under stairs

house deco corridor under stairs

Your staircase is near the entrance of your house? Save space with coat hooks and coat hooks for your clothes! It is a cheap and practical furniture idea that you can buy or decide to create yourself.

Install a cozy corner for your pet

idea of ​​deco space under stairs

Do you have a pet ? Give him a cozy corner below the steps of your staircase. Place a basket and some cushions and invite your dog or cat to settle there. He will love this type of small space, ideal for his afternoon nap!

Stairs under stairs Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

how to arrange the space under the design stairs

Here are some interesting ideas to save space and enjoy the empty corners below your steps. For even more interesting and practical planning solutions, discover the whole gallery of original proposals to choose how to transform the area under your staircase:

Home office layout under the stairs

modern stairwell work area

Idea of ​​space planning under the stairs: expose design objects

arrangement under stairs modern ideas design art object

Stairs under stairs and furniture saves space for storage

arrangement under staircase cupboard modern wardrobe

Create a reading corner in the space under the stairs

reading corner arrangement under stairs photo

Idea of ​​arrangement under wooden staircase of contemporary house

arrangement under stairs open storage space saving

Space under stairs and cabinet wine rack

under stairs bottle range furniture

Under staircase and work desk

space under staircase office work at home

Under staircase and home office

ideas under staircase home offices

Stairs under stairs with library furniture

space under a library staircase

Arrangement work area under stairs

under stairway amenagement corner office

Idea of ​​storage furniture for stairwell space

staircase storage furniture

Space planning ideas under the stairs

arrangement of the space under stairs

Office idea under stairs

office layout under the stairs

Idea of ​​development under stairs in a living room

interior design ideas

decoration under stairs area

furnishing kitchen under stairs

home office under stairs

space under stairs decoration

storage shelves under stairs

arrangement under stairs small toilet wc

arrangement under stairs ideas kitchen

arrangement under stairs deco entree

kitchen small space under stairs

stairwell layout modern kitchens

arrangement under stairs corner office

space under staircase child desk

office under stairs ideas

cabinet under stairs

planning ideas under the stairs

work area under the stairs

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