Staircase storage to optimize space

storage under a library staircase

Are you looking for ideas from under stairs storage ? If you are running out of space and you need extra space, then do not waste any more square meters and optimize the space under stairs thanks to our gallery of 48 storage ideas original.

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Shelves, bookcase, desk, cupboards, armchairs, the transformation of the space under stairs is ideal if you want to unclutter the other rooms of your house or apartment. Why not organize it and create a place to store your belongings and multiply your storage capacity?

Staircase storage to optimize space

dressing under stairs storage idea wall brick storage

First you have to decide whether you need a room or extra storage space. Depending on your needs, it is quite possible to consider everything: a piece of furniture to store your bottles, a library, a dressing room, a reading and working corner, a bar and even a kitchenette and toilets!

Staircase storage idea for very small spaces

storage under stairs small spaces

If you want to install a conventional under-floor cupboard, it is advisable to opt for swing doors. For a slightly different and original layout, you can install sliding doors. There are many models of closets of different sizes, colors and materials. Custom cabinets and drawers are ideal if you want to optimize every square meter of your living space. Here is a very small studio whose space under stairs includes the toilet, the stairs drawers and the cabinet. It is also possible to create a corner office under your staircase. If you have enough space, you can install a desk, a chair and small bookshelves for storing books and folders. It is an ideal solution if you do not have an office at home.

Staircase storage idea: desk area with shelves

under stair storage desk

If your staircase is located next to your dining room or living room, you can integrate it and merge it into the decor. For those who have small kitchens and do not know where to put their dishes, the space under stairs turns into closet. Here is an example of a space under stairs arranged with shelves and closed by sliding door:

Shelves for storing dishes and doors sliding

cupboard idea storage under stairs shelves wood drawers idea dining room

Many people lack space to store their books. If this is your case, then do not hesitate and create your space under stairs a nice library. Here is a staircase with shelves to deposit books and drawers to store small items and accessories.

Bookcase with wooden drawers

drawers shelves idea storage under stairs deco wall stone dining room

In Ikea we can find furniture for the stairwell space very practical and good quality. In the following image, the space has been landscaped with large white Ikea wooden drawers. We can see that it is rather well optimized.

Drawers and shelves

white drawers idea storage under staircase bookcase fixture suspension

Here is a very successful development: library and reading area. The staircase is located near a large window. Interior designers decided to optimize and merge two spaces: one under the stairs and one in front of the window. For a really cozy atmosphere, a floor mat decorates the floor.

Library and reading corner

storage under stairs bookcase shelves wood storage floor mats practical idea

In small apartment more and more designers decide to optimize the space under stairs by installing the toilet. Embedded in the wall of this, they become very discreet, even invisible.


idea win place under staircase storage toilet furniture wood design lamp

If you like wine, but you can not have a real winery, why not create your mini wine cellar under your stairs. Just install a bottle holder and that's it:

Mini wine cellar under the stairs

storage under stairs idea drawers wine bottles storage

Large bookcase with wooden shelves, cupboard and red armchair

bookcase corner reading idea wood armchair storage cushions parquet wood staircase

Storage under stairs with wooden furniture

storage under stairs idea drawers wood storage armchair leather

Shelves and storage boxes

storage under stairs idea shelves metal boxes white storage idea staircase wood


storage stairs idea space saving original bookcase wood design armchair yellow

Cupboard under custom stairs Avar Furniture

custom drawer idea furniture wood storage staircase wood design parquet floor living room

Small kitchen with storage under the stairs

storage under kitchen stairs

storage under stairs idea library sofa cushions deco books storage

storage under stairs fireplace idea shelves storage books

dressing under stairs idea storage

storage under stairs idea armchair cushion arrangement books

idea storage space under stairs furniture wood storage idea decor

shelves storage idea drawers stairway space saving

office space idea design under staircase office wood ergonomic chair design

shelves wood staircase idea storage dining room parquet wood dining table chair wood design deco idea staircase

storage space under stairs idea wood design chair office wood design

storage stair space space saving bookcase design wood ideas

idea workspace stair storage chair metal office work storage

space under stairs idea storage cupboard bottles wine deco wall entrance staircase

storage under stairs idea cupboard wood design shelves

under stairs storage ideas drawers closet floor mats parquet wood

corner reading space under stairs idea storage stairs wood

storage under stairs idea shelves wood dining room table chairs

storage stairs idea shelves wooden floor storage

storage space under stairs idea wood corner reading cushions armchair

idea space under stairs storage cupboards wood

storage under stairs original idea space saving small space

arrangement space under stairs idea armchair drawers wood design deco stairs wood

storage idea drawers wood stairway space saving dining room white table chair

closet wood storage idea space under stairs drawers wood

storage bicycles idea space under stairs wood design floor concrete

storage space staircase bookcase wood chair wood cushions

space storage idea under stairs optimize space toilets

arrangement space under stairs armchair bookshelves wood library

idea design space under staircase closet wood door design storage

idea storage stair bottles interior cave space saving wall deco

storage space idea bookcase wood shelves books floor mats living room

wooden furniture storage stair idea drawers wood design deco wall table ideas

idea storage space under stairs custom drawers

storage under stairs idea drawers modern interior shelves

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