Stone and wood bathroom: a natural beauty

bathroom stone and wood bathtub design

Simplicity, beauty and functionality: the three basic qualities that define a contemporary bathroom and design. This space dedicated to daily personal hygiene is often conceived as a place of well-being and relaxation.

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Your bathroom deserves a refined design and materials of great quality. It is a room regularly exposed to moisture. One of the most used and resistant materials is stone. Want to decorate or decorate your body of water with stone? We invite you to discover our rich selection of examples of stone bathroom in more than 45 ideas.

Stone bathroom in addition to 45 interior design and decoration ideas

stone bathroom and wood bathtub design 1

The design and decoration of each piece is a creative and artistic process that requires a lot of thought and thought before making big decisions. The stone can be present in many forms in the bathroom: coating a wall or floor, installation of a basin or other stone furniture, decorate with small stones around the bathtub, decorate with a stone statuette ... In short the ideas are innumerable, the decision depends on your desires and of your possibilities in terms of time and money.

Stone bathroom: cauldron stone for very natural style

bathroom stone sink stone

The stone briquettes create a beautiful textured effect in the bathroom, especially with a lighting adequate. Loved for the natural effect they give off, they are available in many sizes, shapes and colors. Before you crack for a stone wall cladding in your bathroom you must know that the stone and its installation have a certain cost. It is suitable for most styles. Above all, remember that the stone is heavy and during its installation you risk damaging the other elements present in your bathroom. Its good maintenance also takes time.

Bathroom decorated with white stones and bathtub with stone cladding

bathroom stone wall cladding bathtub

Stone and wood are among the most natural and warm materials. In large quantities, the stone can create a sensation of cold, but combined with wood, its natural side emerges wonderfully. Both materials blend very well together. They evoke in us the feeling of being in a welcoming, natural and predisposing space for relaxation.

Shower enclosure and stone bathtub area

bathroom stone deco shower tub

Hygiene is an important ritual. In the morning, in the evening or even during the day, hygiene is part of our daily life. Having a bathroom, comfortably and nicely furnished, is not a question of luxury, but of necessity. If you have a small budget and you are lacking inspiration for the renovation of the layout or decoration of your bathroom, we hope to suggest some original and inspiring ideas.

Photo of stone and wood bathroom

bathroom natural stone bathtub ceramic idea layout

The stone is ideal for large bathrooms. There are several types of stone with different aesthetic appearance: slate, granite, white stone, China stone and many others. In the same category, we also put concrete and marble. What kind of stone to choose depends on the style you want to bring. As you already know, concrete is associated with the industrial style. Marble is reserved for luxury interiors.

Stone bathroom in light color

bathroom stone idea ceramic bathtub modern washbasin orange parquet floor

In what form do you invite the stone into your bathroom? We can start by installing a stone basin. The latter is not only very strong, but it also has a very captivating rustic look.

Bathroom decoration stone: basin of natural look

bathroom stone washbasin idea landscaping window mirror

Dressing the walls of your bathroom is usually a very good idea. The walls of the bathroom are regularly exposed to moisture. Their resistance makes them ideal for the pond.

bathroom stone wood pictures

The most used stones in interior design are slate and granite. They are very strong and resistant, but are quite expensive. Granite is also very used in the kitchen. It is ideal as a worktop, kitchen and in the bathroom. Granite exists in many colors. It is therefore easy to integrate with all interior styles.

Stone and wood bathroom: a natural beauty

As for the slate, it is most often used as flooring and wall. It adapts to all surfaces of all styles. It is found in mosaic and tiles. It has an anthracite gray color. Slate is very trendy these days thanks to its modern look.

bathroom stone wood furniture

Basins, bathtubs and sinks are usually made of natural stone or reconstituted stone. The price of a stone basin varies from 100 to 500 euros and more.

Stone and wood bathroom: a natural beauty

The benefits of stone are obvious. But what are the disadvantages? Most stone claddings clean themselves with difficulty. Stone, in its natural state, is a very absorbent material, or in other words, porous. Fortunately, contemporary manufacturers offer solutions that have a significantly lower degree of absorption. Tiles that are specially made to cover rooms regularly exposed to moisture are easily found. Finally, specialists advise not to cover his bathroom floor with natural stone. Tiling is a better solution for this.

Stone and wood bathroom: a natural beauty 2

Stone bathroom for authentic interior

bathroom design stone idea bathtub

The bathroom is one of the most important places in any home. Becoming a full-fledged room, it is much more than a place dedicated to personal hygiene on a daily basis. There are bathrooms that represent real sanctuaries of relaxation and relaxation. Some have an integrated dressing room. Others are open and are part of the bedroom. We choose the layout of his according to his desires and his way of life. It is true that for stone is often reserved for large bathrooms, but it also fits very well in small spaces.

Image of stone and wood bathroom with shower and bathtub

bathroom stone gray bathtub deco candles parquet wood modern sink

Its rustic look is made of stone, the reference bathroom material. Even the presence of a single stone element in your bathroom, will bring him an authentic side. For those who do not want to make large investments, some stone accessories to decorate are also a possible solution. Finally, think carefully about your desires and how your bathroom can become a place of tranquility even more enjoyable.

Small stone bathroom

small bathroom stone idea modern sink wood shelves design

Elegant interior with minimalist decoration elements

natural stone bathroom idea original white bathtub sink deco candle

Two stone bathtubs

stone bathtub idea bathroom modern design furniture

Two ideas of stone presence in the bathroom

stone bathroom idea white ceramic bathtub design chair

Classic stone wall cladding and contemporary cladding


Bathtub decorated all around with white stones


Modern design pendant light for bathroom

bathtub flowerpot stone deco design bathtub white modern shower cabin chair

Contemporary interior with stone window frame

Bathroom Stone Interior Purple Hanging Lamp Design Bathtub White Deco Leopard Sofa

Stone wall and floor tiles

bathroom idea stone wall covering design sink wood

Stone washbasin

bathroom decorative stone mirror design pendant light design wooden furniture

Bathroom wall dressed in natural stone


wall stone sofa-room-of-bath tiles

wall-stone bath-tub

wall-stone bath-tub-baingoire vanity mirror

wall-stone bathrooms-bathroom

Wall-bath-tub-in-stone bath-wood-Layouts

Wall-floor-room-of-bath stone





Deco with plants for Zen bathroom ambiance

stone-bath-tub-chair parquet bath


Romantic bathroom interior





bath-tub-in-stone-wall idea

en-suite bathroom-luxury-modern-rock

en-suite bathroom-wall-in-stone mirror

bathroom idea stone wallcovering modern deco

Rustic Wood Bathroom Worktop

bathroom decoration design stone idea mirror

bathtub idea bathroom fitting bathtub white ceramic flooring

stone deco stone wall washbasin sink design

arrange bathroom idea original fixture hanging washbasin sink stone design modern idea

arrangement bathroom interior bench modern bathtub decorate stone

idea stone bathroom bathtub idea original parquet floor modern

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