Stone bathroom in 35 beautiful and inspiring examples

stone bathroom idees deco

The idea of ​​having a stone bathroom is not new. But for some decades bathrooms decorated with stone have become more elegant, more modern and evoke an air of opulence.

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During the 90s, the bathrooms were simple, minimalist and in soft colors like beige. Today, there is a desire to combine the contemporary with the classic which has greatly increased the popularity of stone walls in the bathroom. Organic, rustic and modern, the stone bathroom is always very original and interesting.

Bathroom stone modern style

modern stone bathroom

The stone bathroom and the rustic style are almost inseparable -create an authentic and very charming look. You can choose between a wide variety of stones to decorate your bathroom and combine them with wooden beams on the ceiling for more originality. Your choice of stone for the rustic bathroom will depend on the scheme of decorative colors and your budget. The local natural stone, depending on the region, is often the best choice since it is cheaper, easy to find and with an authentic appearance.

Contemporary design bathroom with stone wall

bathroom stone wall accent

Combining contrasting styles with texture is an approach that many people love because the result is a creative and very original design. Using the natural stone Elegant as an accent in the modern bathroom creates a textural and visual contrast and plays the role of an interesting focal point. Sandstone and limestone are excellent choices for the Mediterranean-style bathroom, while rubble stones are very suitable for the modern bathroom with a rustic or industrial look.

Contemporary design stone bathroom

bathroom contemporary deco stone

Can we decorate a contemporary bathroom with stone? Yes, and you will see it on our examples below. It is perfectly acceptable to decorate your modern bathroom with a natural stone accent wall to give it a textured and warm look that is hard to achieve with contemporary surfaces. You can also opt for furniture, a bathtub or a stone sink. Look at the photos to inspire you:

Luxury bathroom decoration with stone wall

bathroom wall accent stone

Original bathroom decorating idea

bathroom stone design

Zen bathroom decor with stone wall

elegant stone bathroom

Modern bathroom deco with stone

modern stone bathroom decoration

Bathroom with bathtub and stone wall

bathroom bath wall stone

Minimalist bathroom deco

contemporary bathroom stone

bathroom deco interesting

original bathroom deco

contemporary design bathroom

interesting bathroom design

modern design bathroom

bathroom modern design idea

stone design bathroom

ultra modern design bathroom

bathroom stone bathtub

bathroom stone wood

rustic design wood bathroom

bathroom stone deco

bathroom deco interesting

rustic stone bathroom deco

modern design stone bathroom

bathroom stone idea

stone wall bathroom

bathroom decoration idea

stone bathroom wood beams

rustic stone bathroom

ultra modern bathroom deco

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