Storage of firewood in 14 inspiring ideas

storage of firewood ideas

Having a fireplace and enjoying it in winter with your family or friends is a big plus. But where to store firewood?

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To answer this question, we present this folder of 14 original and inspiring ideas for a wood storage practical and aesthetic.

Storage of firewood in 14 inspiring ideas

wood storage 14 ideas practical idea living room shelf

Finding a space to store wood is not always easy. Often we install our fireplace and we think about it last. And yet, if your chimney works with wood, you have to think about it. In general, designers design the chimney project and the space storage at the same time as you will see in our gallery.

Practical and aesthetic idea for wood storage, design: Strachan Group Architects, photograph: Patrick Reynolds

indoor fireplace storage wood idea living room

Storing the wood in your garage is not very practical. It is important that it is placed next to your fireplace so that you can use it for any occasion.

Design MAC Interactive Architects , photography Murray Fredericks Photography

store firewood interior idea fireplace

There are many solutions for storing wood. You can either install a piece of furniture for this purpose or design your fireplace together with the space.

Design Room 11 Architects , photography Jasmin Latona and Ben Hosking

wood wall store idea fireplace

Here is an interior with elegant fireplace and a storage unit apart:

Design Jackson Clements Burrows , photography Shannon McGrath

wood storage practical idea wood crown decoration

Here we can see that the chimney and the storage space were designed at the same time:

Design Jackson Clements Burrows , photography Shannon McGrath

design storage wood idea wall decor

Here is a large cabinet with shelves whose lower space was used to store firewood:

Design Carney Logan Burke Architects , photography Audrey Hall

furniture storage wood idea fireplace

Design Superkül Architects , photography Tom Arban

store firewood idea

Design ROOM11 , photography Ben Hosking

storage wood heating fireplace idea parquet wood

Design Linc Thelen Design and Scrafano Architects , photography Jim Tschetter

wood storage fireplace idea living room

Design C.F. Møller , photography Julian Weyer

wood storage heater idea fireplace

Design Ki Design Studio

modern stylish wood storage wall bricks

Design Moloney Architects , photography Michael Kai

interior modern design idea storage wood trend

Design Casas Design + Architecture Studio

wood storage idea fireplace practical design parquet wood

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