Storage tip: 30 ideas for shelves and libraries

tip storage shelf child room

You are looking for a tip arrangement for the layout of a room in your house? Here are 25 interesting ideas from libraries and shelves. Whether you have a small or a large house, there are always moments when you have the impression that there is not enough space for storing all the objects in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in another room.

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To improve the organization of the interior space and find a way to easily store all the objects in the house, you can use wall shelves and open libraries . These pieces of furniture are easy to install in parts of the house that can not always be occupied by massive furniture. Here are 25 ideas for shelves and bookcases that fit fully into the trick storage theme!

Storage tip: Ideas for shelves and wall bookshelves

trick storage wall furniture books

If you think that open shelves and small bookcases are impractical furniture, well, we invite you to change your mind by discovering our selection of photos of this type of furniture. Certainly, furniture with open shelves require a little more maintenance effort. First, because of the dust they collect more easily and, secondly, because it is necessary to store the objects on these shelves carefully to obtain a good visual effect. But this type of small storage also offers you a very important asset that can make you forget, believe us, the small disadvantages mentioned.

Storage tip: nice white furniture for small space

furniture tip storage room child

It is that wall shelves, small bookcases, corner furniture, those intended to be installed in niches or even in a hallway can occupy inconvenient spaces that are destined to remain empty if they are not used with such furniture. For this reason, this kind of shelves and bookcases are a practical and effective solution for storing not only books, but also small items that are otherwise accumulated in disorder in different parts of the house. Choose the clever storage solution that suits you with our selection of images below!

Storage and idea tip for wall shelves

trick storage wall shelf

Wooden shelves

shelves wood kitchen trend modern plant

Small wooden shelf

trick storage entry kitchen living room shelves

White shelves

white shelf child room trick storage

Wall shelves

shelves wood tip storage wall shelf idea

Wooden corner wall shelf available on Etsy

wall storage ideas for library

Storage tip and small entrance shelf or hallway

wall shelf idea storage small space

Small wooden corner bookcase

wooden bookcases corner cabinet

Pretty white bookcase and storage idea for small spaces

small storage cabinet idea white library

Idea for wall storage with living room furniture in black

small furniture living room idea storage

Storage tip: two-piece vintage furniture for entrance

wall cabinet vintage storage hallway

Corner cabinet for practical storage in white

corner shelf furniture for storage

Storage tip and ideas for bathroom shelves

bathroom furniture and storage shelves

small kitchen kitchen storage ideas

wall storage and shoe furniture

wall storage kitchen bookcase

ideas for furniture in bathroom clever storage

idea storage room child furniture

idea living room furniture white storage decoration

furniture shoe idea design hallway

modern shelves in wood and metal furniture for living room

black furniture storage tips

idea storage shelves small space

shelves metal tricks storage kitchens

bookshelves corner angle small space

ikea bookcases storage furniture

angular furniture vintage shelf for entrance

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