Street arts: the Italian artist Cheone invades the space

street art artist italy graffiti realistic portrait 3d cheone caiffa cosimo

Today, the subject is different than the usual one: street arts and the remarkable work of a talented artist who invades the streets of Milan with his graffiti.

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Caiffa Cosimo, aka Cheone, is a street artist from Italy. He invests the walls of the city to propose a series of captivating and original portraits. The young graffiti artist is not confined to the walls of the city, he overflows on the sidewalks and the pavement. The result: a bluffing 3D effect and "live" portraits!

Street arts: an art that interacts with the environment

graffiti artist italy milan street urban art fresco mural contemporary art cheone caiffa cosimo

More than an artist wall , Cheone totally appropriates the street: the walls do not impose constraints. These wall frescoes are an impressive trompe l'oeil work. These portraits are very realistic and made with a lot of humor.

The street arts: Caiffa Cosimo is from Gallipoli

graffiti street arts italian artist cheone 3d interaction city urban art

His portraits are "alive". So much so that it feels like they interact with the environment and come out of the walls to invade the space.

A simple hook transforms this work into a true artistic installation

street arts italian artist cheone 3d effect wall graffiti artist

Cosimo worked on the development of his photo-realism technique as soon as he arrived in Milan. In his work there is a real evolution: the characters become more and more realistic. The boundaries between reality and art are blurring. Originally from Gallipoli, Cosimo spent all his youth with his family in Germany. It is in Lombardy that he makes himself a street artist in urban art circles.

A living art

italian artist 3d graffiti street art urban art

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