Stunning villa in Ibiza - a charming and rustic hideaway

villa in ibiza full of charm finds deco

Ibiza is a favorite destination for lovers of the beach and nightlife. But this small island in the Mediterranean hides many more treasures, one of which is the subject of our article today.

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This villa in Ibiza is a true refuge, charming and peaceful, where each piece of furniture and decorative accessories has been chosen with care. Its owner, designer Luis Galliussi, considers this house as a little paradise on earth and we quickly understand why.

villa in ibiza that breathes freshness and overflows with charm

eclectic living room decor rustic shabby chic style

Each piece has its own character. The living room is furnished in a style that is both rustic and shabby chic Dotted with rattan furniture and handcrafted elements that add to the charm of the decor. A hand-woven carpet, an improvised brazier in a large iron basket, a wooden requalified chair or a hand-decorated surfboard ... beautiful villa brimming with decorating finds in every corner.

charming interior courtyard and decorated in a very Mediterranean style

overflowing courtyard of charm eclectic furniture

And if the happiness is not complete inside, just go and get it outside. A superb courtyard landscaped around a tree seems to be the perfect place to bask in the sun. It has a few folding chairs and many potted plants. Also, the villa includes a typical Mediterranean garden, equipped with a simple wooden table for family lunch. We would believe it already ...

a yellow handmade rug and an improvised brazier add character to the living room

raw wood table and superb improvised brazier in metal basket

shady patio with climbing vines

shady patio thanks to climbing vines

rustic kitchen furnished with a central wooden island

rustic kitchen with a wooden island

artisanal headboards made from tree branches

children's room headboards original handmade

dried flowers adorn the chandelier and the walls

bedroom with a chandelier adorned with dried flowers

rustic entrance leading to an eclectic decor

entrance to the villa at ibiza woodgrain door

dining table in the middle of a Mediterranean paradise

wood table in garden greenery mediterranean style

beautiful requalified chair and stuffed fish in frame

small decorative statuettes on the window sill

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