Summer dress floral pattern - trend for the 2015

Blumarine woman's summer dress

The summer dress Floral motifs also remain trendy for the summer of 2015 and the only thing we can do is celebrate the joie de vivre and the beautiful summer colors.

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As in years past, in 2015 floral prints embellish women's dresses in silk, muslin or linen. Floral dresses come in a variety of styles and can be worn during the day, but also in the evening. Today we decided to share with you - the girls - the most beautiful dresses summer with which you will feel beautiful, sexy and elegant. Do not be in a hurry, look at them all and make your choice in the end based on what you liked the most:

Short floral summer dress by Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou wide short floral summer dress

The summer dress Floral seems to be the preferred choice of designers on fashion podiums in 2015. Those we present, have played with the patterns and different variants of this trend. So Mary Katrantzou opted for technology-related flowers with prints made from photos she took during her travels. So how about a summer dress with graphic prints of flower fields in France? It sounds pretty seductive!

Original Summer Dress Idea by Mary Katrantzou

floral summer dress design Mary Katrantzou

In Blumarine , the floral dresses are made from transparent materials. The more intimate parts of the body are covered with stylized motifs of flower petals symbolizing innocence and sensuality. So, if you like this style, a Blumarine floral dress is the perfect choice for you. Just find the model is the color that suits you best.

Attractive women's dress

elegant floral summer dress Mary Katrantzou

Alberta Ferretti had an even more delicate approach. Her dresses are made of silk and muslin, accentuating the beauty of the female body. We see again transparent materials and embroidery in pastel shades very sexy. Flowers were also the favorite theme of Celine Phoebe Philo's creator. She used a black background with accents in blue and the boho style to decorate her floral dresses. And she managed to make them truly unique.

Floral strapless floral dress

Mary Katrantzou Strapless Floral Summer Dress

Summer dresses with floral prints are very easy to find because they are present in almost all brands and you must have at least one of these dresses for the summer of 2015. The price in this case can not be an excuse because the floral dress can be found at a very reasonable price. You can put on a floral dress even to go to a party around the pool and if you opt for a long model, you will look like a Greek goddess and draw all eyes on you.

Summer dress in black and white by Blumarine

Bluemarine short summer dress

And wearing a floral dress even in the cooler summer days, is not difficult. These dresses go well with a jacket in jeans or even leather. Wear your dress with a pair of sneakers or flat sandals to feel beautiful and comfortable. In case you want to wear a floral dress in the evening, opt for golden accessories. Remember that props can completely change your appearance, so choose them according to the occasion. Here are now 50 ideas from which you can choose your summer dress floral:

Long summer dress by Blumarine

Bluemarine long floral summer dress

Short summer dress in blue and purple by Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou short floral summer dress

Summer dress with floral applications by Blumarine

summer dress woman idea Blumarine

Short summer dress in blue and white by Alberta Ferretti

summer white short dress Alberta Ferretti

Summer Dress Model by Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti floral summer short dress

Short elegant dress by Elie Saab

Elie Saab beige women's summer dress

Multicolored Summer Dress by Mary Katrantzou

floral summer dress idea Mary Katrantzou

Long Sleeve Summer Dress by Mary Katrantzou

floral summer dress Mary Katrantzou

Modern Floral Summer Dress by Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou modern floral summer dress

floral summer dress trend Mary Katrantzou

floral summer dress tunic Mary Katrantzou

blumarine green floral summer dress

floral print summer dress Mary Katrantzou

summer dress model Blumarine

Vicor & Rolf modern summer dress

Blumarine seamless summer dress

Blumarine woman's summer dress

Blumarine woman's summer dress

summer dress woman floral long

long summer dress ASos

long summer dress Blumarine

summer dress Asos

dress was not expensive idea Asos

cheap summer dress Zara

women's dress prints Blumarine

Burberry summer floral dress

floral dress woman

Alberta Ferretti long neck dress

Alberta Ferretti Elegant Long Dress

long elegant summer dress

dress-long-been-Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti Elegant Short Summer Dress

Alberta Ferretti modern summer dress

Alberta Ferretti orange summer dress

Alberta Ferretti women's long dress

summer Alberta Ferretti summer dress

Blumarine women's modern dress

summer dresses short idea Zara

Zara modern short summer dresses

short summer dresses Zara

Zara floral summer dresses

dresses ete idea Zara

Zara floral print summer dresses

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