Summer table decoration: party, wedding and birthday table


There is nothing better than table decoration to create a happy and festive atmosphere. And summer is the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful table decoration with flowers and fruits for your birthday party, dinner or wedding.

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In summer, the decor of the table becomes really easy - you just have to look around and you will certainly find inspiration in nature.

Wedding table decoration in some ideas

table decoration summer idea

When it comes to a seasonal decor, summer is the season that offers the most possibilities to create a beautiful simple or more sophisticated deco table. Sometimes even a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the center of a table with a white tablecloth can become an elegant and original centerpiece.

Citrus fruits, especially lemons and limes, are an excellent idea for table decoration summer. The slices of lemon, lime or orange can be used to decorate the glasses and create a beautiful decor that can also eat. The transparent glass pitcher containing fruit juice can also play an important role in the decoration. Just place it, for example, in the center of the table. You can make a nice fruit platter alternating slices of lemon, lime and orange to give color to your decor. If it is a wedding, oranges or lemons can become original media for writing guest names. Fruit vases or a large sunflower can easily become original and elegant centerpieces.

Interesting table decoration in pink and orange

pink orange summer table decoration

You can make a table decoration on the theme of the sea, the beach and decorate your table in shades of blue, aqua, yellow and orange. Adorn the napkin rings with sea shells and choose blue towels. Serve red fruit yogurts in a large sandbox to follow with the theme. You can make a DIY design centerpiece by using a large candle placed on a stand and surrounded by small pieces of glass found at the beach.

Elegant table decoration with fruits and flowers

fruit flowers table decoration

Bright and cheerful colors are the colors of summer and they must be present in the decoration of the table in this season. Blue, glass, yellow and red go hand in hand in association with the sea, the sky and the sun. Opt for brightly colored tableware and accessories by alternating different shades on the table. So you can combine a blue plate with a bowl of salad in yellow, for example. A vase with various flowers will accentuate your decor. You can also decorate the plates of your guests with a small flower in each dish. Choose small candlesticks in color and place them everywhere on the table.

Summer table decoration in pink and blue

pink blue summer table decoration

Summer is also the season of greenery and everything around us is in green. Create a centerpiece with potted grass in metal for a rustic look. If it is a rectangular or square table, you can use foam as a table runner that passes in the middle. Here are more interesting and original ideas for the table decoration in summer for your party, birthday or wedding:

Idea of ​​outdoor summer table decor

wedding table decoration

Rustic table decoration

table decoration ete

Romantic wedding table decoration

summer table decoration

Idea of ​​deco table original wedding

centerpiece wedding flowers

Wedding table decorated with seashells

elegant wedding table decoration

Original wedding centerpiece

original idea center

Elegant wedding centerpiece with crystals and flowers

elegant wedding centerpiece

Elegant centerpiece with white roses

centerpiece wedding idea

Interesting centerpiece idea

original centerpiece

wedding design centerpiece

birthday table deco

outdoor birthday table deco

lemon table deco

bright colors table deco

summer pineapple deco

white green table deco

summer table deco flowers

deco table ete idea

floral outdoor table deco

festive table deco

deco table flowers candles

deco table flowers summer

floral table deco

deco table idea

original table deco

table deco succulent plants

deco of elegant simple table

table decoration design plate

butterflies and table decoration

outdoor table decoration

outdoor table decoration flowers

table decoration idea

table decoration summer idea

wedding table decoration

wedding center table decoration

elegant wedding table decoration

wedding table decoration summer

wedding flowers table decoration

table decoration theme beach

deco table idea yellow brown

deco table wedding idea

deco idea of ​​summer table

idea deco table summer

deco wedding table idea

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