Suspended sliding partition: a trend in interior decoration

rustic suspended sliding partition

Ah, the suspended sliding partition ! It seems that in recent years there is nothing more captivating for the imagination of the owners and decorators than this interesting system, still called barn door.

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Made from almost any material possible, the suspended sliding partition gives character to the interior decoration. No matter if you decide to opt for a rustic wooden partition with metal frame or something more modern, the options are endless. But the barn door can be very difficult to choose since the variety in the models is very large. There are so many colors, materials and styles that you can quickly get lost. But we are here to help you!

Suspended wall hanging in wood

sliding partition suspended room

When you decide to decorate your home with a barn door, it's important to be inspired. Then start by looking at pictures with examples of sliding doors and choose those that can go with the architecture and design of your interior. Do you plan to install the sliding partition in your master bedroom? Maybe you would like to have a partition with mirror on one side? Is it a small space? You can even choose a clear glass model that lets light through.

Kitchen decoration with sliding doors suspended in glass and wood

sliding partition suspended modern kitchen

After determining the style you want, it will be easier to choose the model of the partition. Traditional style partitions are recommended for warm and welcoming interiors. You can choose a model decorated with subtle ornaments to make the decoration even more elegant. Traditional partitions are usually made of wood with metal frames. Alder or cedar partitions are very good options.

Original wall decoration with barn door

original suspended sliding partition

If you are a little artist, then you can very well opt for the eclectic barn door. By looking a little, it is even possible to find models with fascinating stories often made of wood that will give character to your home decor. And speaking of wood, the rustic style hanging sliding partition is the perfect choice if you want to have a piece of nature at home. The rustic partition will immediately become a centerpiece in your interior giving it warmth and texture.

White kitchen decoration with beautiful suspended sliding door

sliding partition suspended white

The contemporary partition is for interiors decorated in minimalist style, with a monochromatic color palette, which accentuates the architectural lines of your interior. There are models in this style with beautiful shapes made from natural materials. And if your interior is fresh and simple and you like beautiful and functional things, then you have to choose a modern style partition. You can, for example, choose a cedar barn door that, with its smooth, satiny texture, immediately catches the eye. Take inspiration from our examples below:

Designer bathroom with rustic barn door

sliding partition suspended ultra modern bathroom

Interior decoration with sliding partitions suspended in sky blue

suspended partition wall blue sky

Design idea with wooden barn door

sliding partition suspended wood

Barn door of interesting wooden design

sliding partition suspended light wood

Contemporary barn door made of wood and glass

sliding partition suspended office

sliding partition suspended child room

sliding partition suspended kitchen

sliding partition suspended deco

sliding partition suspended deco wood

elegant suspended sliding partition

Suspended sliding partition interesting

sliding partition suspended orange

sliding partition suspended bathroom

sliding partition suspended rustic style

sliding partition suspended glass

sliding partition suspended glazed

modern sliding door design

barn door cabinet bedroom

wooden barn door

barn door cache tele

barn door bedroom

barn door bedroom deco

barn door deco room

barn door deco bedroom

barn door deco kitchen

barn door deco stairs

interior deco barn door

barn door decoration living room

contemporary design barn door

barn door modern design

original design barn door

barn door design glass

barn door idee deco

barn door interior wood

modern barn door

modern barn door

modern barn door wood

barn door modern living room

glass barn door

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