Suspended suspended ceiling: a modern and practical solution

false ceiling suspended wood

It does not matter if it is a complete interior renovation or simply a refresh. There are factors that you need to consider when choosing your new false ceiling suspended . It is true that most of the time when we think about false ceiling suspended , the first thing that comes to mind is a simple, flat and white ceiling. No matter how much time is spent decorating our interior, the ceiling is an element we usually forget. But having a beautiful design ceiling in the living room, dining room or kitchen will give the room a unique and modern character.

Suspended suspended ceiling with LED lights

suspended ceiling LED

The design of the false ceiling that you will choose will depend on the architecture of the room and the available space, the walls and the general decoration of the interior. The patterns, shapes and patterns you can choose from are endless. In this article, we will present many original and interesting ideas that can serve as inspiration for your new ceiling.

Suspended suspended ceiling of original design

false ceiling suspended original wood

Modern false ceilings are much more than flat and white surfaces. With the wide variety of models that exist, you can also opt for LED luminaires that will be part of the design of your suspended ceiling. There are elegant and contemporary alternatives, rather classic ideas with chandeliers, as well as futuristic options combined with custom-made lighting.

Living room decoration with false ceiling of minimalist design

false ceiling suspended living room

One of the reasons a false ceiling can give the room a unique look is the fact that it can completely transform the visual appearance of the space. If using a cathedral roof can make the interior more spacious, the suspended ceiling can create a more compact and contemporary atmosphere that follows well with the new trends in modern design.

Elegant decoration with wooden suspended ceiling

false ceiling hanging wood idea

Suspended suspended ceilings come in a variety of styles, textures and colors. You can find designs that follow with all the decorative styles and all types of architecture. One of the advantages of this type of ceiling is that, contrary to popular belief, its installation is really easy. It's a DIY project that only requires a few handyman tools. It is still advisable, in case you choose a more complicated model, to request the services of professionals.

False ceiling decorated with design lighting

false ceiling suspended imitation wood

Another advantage of the false ceiling is the fact that it can hide the cables and other mechanical systems that will still remain accessible. It's an easy solution that gives you space for power cables that you no longer know where to hide. The false ceiling also offers superior acoustic properties to absorb noise from other rooms in the interior.

Room decoration idea with modern false ceiling

false suspended ceiling bedroom

Suspended suspended ceilings resist the mold, the bacteria and to subsidence. They are perfect for wet spaces like, for example, the bathroom. Installing a false ceiling can even help you reduce your electricity and heating bills. In addition to this, if you opt for a white ceiling, its reflective surface will help you visually enlarge the space by reducing the need for additional light. Here are some beautiful ideas in pictures:

Original decoration with a false wooden ceiling

false suspended ceiling design interesting

Ideas of original decor with false ceiling

false ceiling hanging ideas

Living room deco with interesting false ceiling

suspended ceiling contemporary design

Minimalist interior deco with suspended false ceiling

false ceiling suspended minimalist design

Ultra modern living room with fireplace and false ceiling

false ceiling suspended idee deco

Contemporary deco with false wood ceiling

false ceiling suspended wood

Bathroom decoration with false ceiling design

false ceiling bathroom

Bedroom of contemporary design

false ceiling room to acoucher

false ceiling design room

false ceiling white room

false ceiling white bedroom

false ceiling wood idea

false ceiling bedroom luxury

false ceiling modern kitchen

false ceiling deco kitchen

false ceiling deco open space

false ceiling decoration living room

false ceiling design black

false ceiling design living room

false ceiling design modern living room

false ceiling ultra modern design

false ceiling work space

false ceiling original idea

false ceiling idea living room

suspended ceiling suspended room

false ceiling suspended hallway

false ceiling suspended kitchen

suspended ceiling design

suspended ceiling design elegant

false ceiling suspended original design

false ceiling suspended modern original design

elegant suspended ceiling

false ceiling suspended idea

suspended ceiling design

suspended ceiling LED

suspended modern suspended ceiling

false ceiling suspended dining room

false ceiling suspended modern dining room

false suspended ceiling living room

suspended ceiling suspended living room

false ceiling suspended living room design

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