Swimming pool design: new trends

design swimming pools view beautiful garden swimming pool

In terms of pool design , new trends are opting for a symbiosis between aesthetics, comfort and the beautification of your garden, accentuating the ingenuity of the creative swimming pool.

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It's a dream for everyone to make the most of the summer sun at home. We will present you through this small report a small overview on these new trends about the different design of the pools and hope you like it.

The design of swimming pools, example of an infinity pool by the sea

design of example pools overflow seaside

Water is the source of life and bathing in it and a source of joy and happiness, so if you own a home with large garden, why not build your ocean? Sorry, I meant your pool. Certainly, choosing the ideal pool depends on the budget allocated for this task and especially the available area. Between the small pool, the traditional pool, the ecological pool, the above ground pool, the infinity pool is extremely luxurious. The choice is great and the decision is in your hands.

The design of pools, an original idea for swimming in a large garden

design pools original idea large garden

In case your garden is small or your yard is not big enough, the small pool is ideal for bathing. Round, rectangular or freeform everything is possible even for great swimming lovers, it will be perfect if you install a counterflow system. The natural pool or ecological is based on the principle of lagooning, a pool with two parts, one part for swimming and another with plants for regeneration and purification of water. The result is an ecosystem developed to guarantee the quality of the pond water. Not to mention the swimming pool solar energy is to use solar energy to heat the pool water for a good energy saving.

Pool design, night view of a pool

design pools night view pool

The traditional in-ground pools built in concrete have the reputation of being solid and allow you their customizations according to your desires, but still expensive. But no more expensive than infinity pools that work through a double-basin system. It is a pool without coping on at least one of the coasts. The water from the pool, flowing from one of the edges of the pool creates a wonderful visual effect and allows the disposal of waste continuously. Simply your pool remains impeccably clean. To enhance a long lot, the construction of a swimming pool with a swimming lane is an ideal opportunity for physical exercise not only for swimming professionals but also for occasional amateurs.

Swimming pool with a waterfall

pool waterfall water

Elegance and luxury are the hallmarks of modern pools. By their great designs they invite to an imaginary world thanks to the nobility of the materials and the sobriety of the lines that are their first qualities. In such pools you are king and the water is your domain. Mirror pools, infinity pool, wooden pool, pool both anterior and exterior (partly built in one room of the house). Whether on a white sand beach or in an urban center, these design pools are the fruit of the original and majestic ideas of the pool.

The waters merge, so we feel that the pool extends into the ocean

design of extended pools in ocean

The aesthetic codes of today's swimming pools have evolved and diversified, no longer confined to the classic, unattractive blue rectangle. And if the imagination is queen for the poolman, the technique and materials must comply with his requirements. Since the design pools reflect specific moments of life, moments of absolute during which time seems to be suspended, little magical moments in a way. To seduce their customers, the hotels compete inventive with designer rooms, spa or a bespoke service or an exclusive geographical location. But having an original pool is perhaps the decisive argument that will rock the hearts of fans.

Infinity pool at the top of a hill with a great view

design of infinity pools

Sometimes the lack of space in very urban environments (Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and others) has at one time led architects to design rooftop pools, this "constraint" has become a trend today. allowing hotels to really make a name for themselves. Finally, the pool season is open, perfect for your theme parties, to entertain the children or to impress the gallery. You can also combine your decorating themes by arranging your pool to your cushions of chairs and umbrellas. In short, give free rein to your imagination! We hope you enjoyed these design ideas. However, when you think about adjusting the environment of your pool, do not forget to give priority to the safety of children.

Long corridor pool with sea views

long hall pool sea view

Splendid idea for an infinity pool

pool overflow top hill view

Pool with large hallway in a luxury restaurant with stunning views

pool large hallway striking view

The design of pools, an island

design swimming pools island sea side swimming pool

pool view garden shed

small pool view

wood floor small pool beautiful view

garden view pool decoration color orange

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