Talavera faience: a unique art form from Mexico

faience kitchen idea wall talavera mexican art

What faience and Talavera pottery? The expression Talavera refers to ceramic products (tiles, sinks, decorative objects and others) , made and hand painted by Mexican artisans.

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Made in Mexico for centuries, Talavera tiles have a long history. The manufacturing process is very specific and results from real know-how. To make you discover the bright colors and the rich drawings of earthenware and pottery Talavera, we have made this file of 45 inspiring photographs.

Talavera earthenware and pottery: a unique art form from Mexico

faience talavera kitchen credence wooden table design ideas

The expression Talavera comes from the name of the city of Talavera of the Reina which was one of the main centers of Spanish pottery manufacturing in the Middle Ages. It is from this city that in the mid-1500s came the first potters in New Spain, the name used for Mexico by the Spanish colonizers. According to legend, the Dominican friars of the central Mexican city Puebla, a splendid city today too, have brought Spanish artisans to contribute to the decoration of the cathedral Santo Domingo . It is interesting to note that Talavera tiles are very similar, and inspired, from Moroccan tile .

The Talavera faience takes its name from the Mexican city Talavera de la Reina

talavera earthenware mexican tiles Moroccan art

Local artisans, already with pottery experience, quickly acquired the new technique and Talavera , combining different styles including the Mediterranean , the Moorish and the Central American Indian, has defined its own unique style which, thanks to its precise details and bright colors , quickly conquered the world. The success of Talavera is due to the richness of the nuances and uniqueness of its hand-made pieces, but also to the regulation of its manufacture which was fixed in the late 1500s. It is this regulation which guaranteed the authenticity of the tiles produced. It also consisted in the precise definition of the materials and techniques used as well as in the characteristics of the products manufactured. This way of managing maneuver by establishing frames was at the time quite rare and very innovative. Each Talavera manufacturer had to sign each of his pieces to filter out those that were false. The craftsmen also passed exams every year so that they could keep their title of master potter Talavera. The products manufactured were classified by their quality.

Beautifully decorated terrace with Talavera faience

terrace idea landscaping faience Talavera modern design furniture outdoor sofa cushions

Discover our large file of bathrooms, kitchens, terraces and furniture decorated with the beautiful tiles Talavera and invite the Mexican spirit and crafts at home!

Large terrace with pool

terrace landscaping flooring couch cushions idea talavera

Beautifully decorated bathroom with Talavera tiles

bathtub idea bathroom wall decoration tile earthenware ideas tile blue

Color and liveliness

talavera tiles mexican art modern wall hanging idea

Stairs decorated with Talavera tiles

talavera mexican art staircase idea faience original deco

Staircase discreetly decorated with Talavera

the earthenware talavera idea staircase outside deco terrace

Talavera tiles in blue and white

talavera idea staircase deco faience

Detailed and sophisticated design

talavera idea tiles design trend bathroom


faience bathroom trend patterns wall tile ideas

Table decorated with Talavera tiles

talavera tiles outdoor deco idea garden terrace

Low table

talavera tiles deco table idea trend coffee table

Kitchen credenza

talavera credence kitchen idea wall tile washbasin

Bathroom sink

faience talavera bathroom idea tiling

bathroom tile idea washbasin faience talavera wall counter

the earthenware talavera washbasin talavera tiling wall ideas

talavera bathroom earthenware idea bathroom modern mirror sink tiling

talavera pottery mexican art deco

talavera modern bathroom shower cabin idea wall glass

bathroom shower cabin faience ideas

tile blue white sink counter bathroom mirror talavera

talavera faience tiled blue countertop ideas

talavera bathroom idea mirror frames wood cabinet design

bathroom tile wall bathtub idea countertop bathroom deco frame

earthenware talavera tiled washbasin wood interior trend toilet bathroom

talavera earthenware trend cabin shower door idea wall tile

mexican art idea washbasin faience talavera design ideas

bathroom bathtub faience talavera deco plants

talavera tiles bathroom bathtub idea shower cubicle

talavera tiles bathroom idea washbasin design

bathroom washbasin idea design detailed trend tile blue wall

idea shower cabin tiling deco wall faience mirror italian shower

talavera idea bathroom cabin shower trend tile faience

blue bathroom tile earthenware trend wood door

faience talavera blue furniture wood kitchen ideas

Fireplace decorated with Talavera faience

talavera faience design mexican art deco fireplace original

Blue kitchen with Talavera credenza

earthenware talavera design art mexican cuisine island design ideas

Colorful Talavera kitchen credenza

credenza kitchen talavera idea island wood deco bouquet of flowers

idea kitchen outdoor credence landscaping kitchen outdoor idea talavera

Large kitchen with center island and Talavera credenza

kitchen islet island credence talavera ideas

island credence idea island kitchen island

earthenware blue wall tile furniture wood idea landscaping

talavera tiles faience ideas interior deco authentic

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