TALISMAN Wireless Speakers by Serene Audio

pregnant design wireless wood design computer speakers

These wireless speakers (and not without wires!) are a real revolution in contemporary design. The design company Serene Audio , Based in Vancouver, Canada, is a manufacturer of outstanding audio products.

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The pregnant bear the name TALISMAN and are for sale on amazon. They are made by hand in bamboo , leather and brass. Pure and high-end sound and design. Even placed on the desktop, they are very powerful and can easily be connected to a turntable.

TALISMAN Wireless Speakers by Serene Audio

wireless speakers wood design modern computer speaker design

Design speakers in bamboo, leather and brass

wireless speakers design wood idea modern idea computer speakers

The speakers integrate ideally everywhere

modern wood design wireless speakers idea library storage

One of the manufacturing steps

pregnant design wireless wood computer design

They can be connected to your mobile phone

serene audio speakers wood design idea

And to your turntable ...

serene audio speakers wood design modern hi fi

Their design is very elegant

pregnant wood wireless design serene audio talisman speakers

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