Terraces in town: a beautiful exterior by D Space Studio

modern design city terraces

Who does not like these beautiful terraces in town that give us access to peaceful corners without forcing us to leave urban centers and our homes? The beautiful urban terrace that we invite you to discover with this article is precisely such a corner of paradise, located in the heart of the city of Chicago, in the United States.

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It was created by the architects and decorators of D Space Studio , a team of specialists working on projects of individuals and small businesses.

Terraces in the city: a space for relaxation and leisure in the heart of the city of Chicago

image terraces and gardens in town

Like all contemporary architecture and design firms, D Space Studio has an individual approach to each project. It aims to study the needs of customers as well as the space to create or develop and the available budget. The work then evolves through proposals made by the team and dynamic exchanges with customers.

Terraces in town: landscaping by D Space Studio

idea deco terraces in town

This modern-style terrace is located on the roof of an urban building in the third most populous city in the United States. In such an environment, the D Space Studio team had the idea of ​​creating a mini oasis capable of offering its visitors moments of relaxation, leisure and communication. The very successful results of this project allow us to draw some conclusions that would be useful for anyone who wants to build their own terrace in the city.

Ideas for the good organization of the space of your terraces in town

terrace decking wood

Whether installed on a roof, in a garden or elsewhere, urban terraces are most often areas with limited area. The proper organization of the space is therefore essential for your development project to be successful. For interesting effects, play with the use of materials and install several levels that can accommodate different corners.

Wooden decking, a classic option for terraces in town

wood terrace cladding

To create multiple levels or corners on the terrace, the wooden decking is a great option. It can be combined with areas decorated with vegetation and flowers, essential for outdoor in the city. To optimize the space, also try the integrated furniture like, for example, a hammock hanging on the wooden elements or a bench along the large planters.

Night photo of the beautiful terrace in town by D Space Studio

terraces in town landscaping urban garden

The proper organization of the space should also be accompanied by a reflection on the means that will be used during the different parts of the day. This is important especially for you to choose sun protection solutions, such as pergolas, umbrellas and shaded areas under trees.

Soft lighting for a zen urban terrace at night

modern lighting terraces in town

This reflection will also allow you to choose an appropriate lighting for these same areas. The soft light lamps are perfect for a relaxing modern-style decor, especially when you can enjoy the lights of the city itself, as in the case of this beautiful terrace in Chicago. Here is the plan as well as images of other D Space Studio projects:

Plan of terrace and rooftop garden of a building in Chicago

roof terrace plans

terrace in the city image exterior design

terrace in town decking outdoor modern

idea landscaping terrace in town

terraces in the city lighting design deco exterior design

terrace in town deco exterior modern

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