Thatched cottage with modern outdoor kitchen

thatched kitchen outdoor design bar stools

The owners of this cottage wanted to build an extension of their house. They decided to ask for advice from designer Alex Saint, who is part of the project bulthaup of Kitchen Architecture.

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Located in Knutsford, England, the house is authentic in appearance that they wanted to convey to the new construction. The outdoor glass kitchen matches the overall design of the house while adding a unique touch and modern . The kitchen includes a central island and a bar with stool s . It has several storage spaces and storage space and enough seats to sit comfortably.

Thatched cottage with outdoor kitchen, Alex Saint design by Kitchen Architecture

outdoor thatched cottage kitchen bar

With these glass walls, it feels like cooking in the garden! Cooking and enjoying the beautiful landscape around, this is priceless. The kitchen is closed by a large sliding door.

Comfortable and modern outdoor kitchen

central island outside kitchen thatched cottages trend bar wood stools

The kitchen is an extension of the cottage

thatched cottage outdoor kitchen island central idea stools wood

It offers several storage spaces and storage space

cottage kitchen exterior design kitchen counter island

The central island has many drawers, prepared area and wooden bar with industrial style stools

outdoor kitchen island wall glass house village

Cooking and enjoying the beautiful landscape around is priceless

kitchen outside arrangement idea central island counter thatched cottages

All walls are glass

thatched cottages modern kitchen outdoor idea stool island

Do the cooked or savor a good meal enjoying the beautiful view

kitchen design exterior idea stools island outside bar wood flowers

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