The alternative Christmas tree for a greener Christmas

christmas tree original idea deco christmas wreath star christmas gifts deco

We arrived in December. In just three weeks, we will meet up with family or friends around a large table, beautifully decorated, to celebrate one of the most anticipated holidays of the year: Christmas.

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And the Christmas tree ? It is impossible to deprive yourself of the inescapable symbol of this warm feast. Each year, several people ask themselves the same question: how and what Christmas tree to choose? Where can it be placed: in the living room, in the dining room or at the entrance? It is true that for small apartments the choice of a large tree is not always very practical and can even be cumbersome. Fortunately, creativity and imagination come together to offer us many alternatives of classical fir. Discover our selection of more than 40 examples of alternative Christmas trees.

The alternative Christmas tree in more than 40 ideas

Christmas tree design idea decorations gifts modern white wall design ideas

The natural Christmas tree often tempts us with its attractive charm and smell. Unfortunately, it is not always the most practical solution. For small apartments and houses that lack space, the tree can be bulky. In addition, the fir trees sold on the market come from a large annual production that is not always respectful of the environment. Did you know that in Europe Wallonia in Denmark is the second largest producer in Europe of Christmas trees. The requests each year are numerous. For this reason, manufacturers often use pesticides to meet customer expectations. These intensive crops have a significant impact on our environment. All the same, this solution is more ecological than the artificial tree unless you want to make your own tree with recycled materials. How can we do it? The alternatives are very diverse and ideal for small spaces. Let's discover them together:

Christmas tree in blue, beautifully decorated in minimalist style

christmas tree design deco ball garlands christmas plant greasy deco interior idea design

It is true that nothing can replace the freshness of the natural Christmas tree. If you have a balcony or terrace, it is advisable to grow a home in a flowerpot. It is important that he be placed outside because he likes the cold. Placed inside, he will not live very long. If you do not have a balcony, we suggest you recreate the shape of the fir on your wall with different objects. Here is an example of two fir trees in minimalist style, decorated with small objects and balls.

Christmas tree with colorful balls

the original christmas tree decoration to make yourself idea colorful balls design carpet white floor

Want a Christmas tree all year round? Here is an original idea of ​​black metal shelves in the shape of a fir tree. They decorate the wall, they introduce the spirit of Christmas and they are very practical for storing objects. For Christmas, you can decorate them with light garlands or with green, red and white objects.

Black fir-shaped metal shelves

black shelves fir tree deco wooden bench cushions deco idea parquet floor wood design shelf shape fir

Are you looking for an idea of manual activity for your children on holidays? Here is a good idea to keep them busy while assisting them to create a nice fir tree design that you can hang or glue on the wall. The children will be very happy when they see their artwork exposed.

Christmas tree drawing

christmas tree idea decoration designs original wooden chair design parquet wood

Here is a very funny idea: create the illusion of having a real Christmas tree at home by installing a large panel with photographed and printed fir:

Two Christmas tree photographs

idea christmas decoration make yourself chair orange picture fir tree original garland idea wooden chair table

Minimalist Christmas tree drawing

christmas tree idea decoration wall alternative DIY christmas design idea belt wood design

Christmas tree with cardboard star

party decoration idea christmas decoration deco fir cardboard cheap eco idea christmas cardboard

Minimalist Christmas tree with small wooden objects

christmas tree minimalist deco idea star bouquet of flowers

Christmas tree design in wood

christmas tree wood design christmas decoration idea original christmas christmas

Christmas tree created with tree branches and decorated with light garland

christmas tree original idea christmas decoration branches tree

Christmas tree made of wood decorated with small objects

christmas tree design wood modern idea green decoration christmas to make

Minimalist Christmas tree and design

decoration christmas minimalist idea christmas tree original stars gifts

Wooden board Christmas tree painted in green and decorated with garland

christmas tree original wood design idea garland decoration gifts modern ottoman wool snowflake

Small Christmas tree made of paper

christmas christmas tree idea interior little party

Christmas tree with postcards

christmas tree idea christmas decoration original beech wood design interior modern idea

christmas tree idea interior decoration christmas party party idea table stone

christmas tree wood idea wall decoration shelf wood design suspension pinecone

Bright Christmas tree, idea Like a Saturday

brilliant christmas tree christmas decoration idea to do it yourself

Small Christmas tree made of wine bottle stoppers

christmas tree idea deco brico christmas stoppers bottle wine DIY idea Christmas

Christmas tree original idea with hangers

christmas tree idea wall decoration ceintres original diy

christmas tree boin alternative idea original christmas decoration to make

christmas tree fir cardboard cheap diy christmas idea garland light shelves wood design candles candlestick

christmas tree original idea christmas deco diy postcards decoration modern design ideas

fake fir feathers deco design idea diy christmas feathers christmas tree

deco christmas christmas tree fir idea design wood modern christmas tree

christmas tree idea brico deco original paper napkins diy christmas decorate interior original house

christmas tree idea garland light red ribbon original wall decoration

christmas tree deco idea wall christmas star brico deco gifts idea basket

christmas tree objects idea christmas deco christmas original activity manual christmas

christmas trees deco idea garland light ideas

christmas tree paper design deco idea garland fabric hanging christmas idea deco sofa armchair

idea christmas tree modern design idea interior christmas decoration

christmas decoration christmas idea christmas tree idea christmas decoration

christmas deco idea garland light star deco wood idea original DIY

christmas decoration idea christmas little apartment gifts christmas idea decoration original

wooden ladder christmas tree original idea decor hanging star garland

christmas tree idea design deco minimalist christmas brico deco manual activity

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