The bathroom decor with a touch of blue

Eclectic bathroom decor various shades of blue

By definition, blue is a cold color. But that does not mean that the created atmosphere will be without charm - quite the contrary. It is often said that blue is a relaxing shade.

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It exudes a serenity and harmony that are perfect when implemented in a bathroom. So, this article is dedicated to the bathroom decor who looks at blue.

bathroom decor: blue raised on a pedestal

exceptional bathroom with blue accents

Whether it's the predominant shade or simply an accent, blue is a wise choice for a bathroom as it inspires rest. You can play with various patterns and shades of blue for an eclectic result that exudes elegance and prestige. After all, blue is the color of nobility, so why not take the opportunity to add a touch of sophistication to your space?

Baroque style bathroom all in blue

bathroom all blue baroque style

To do this, you can of course bet on the tiles. A mosaic delicate on the wall or some patterned friezes are good tools to add character with a little color. You can also opt for a water-resistant paint and plunge your shower cubicle into an illusion of the depths of the ocean. Think about wall finishes and reflections you can play on: floor tile varnished to reflect a freestanding bathtub, an opaque wallpaper with varied patterns or a mirror that reflects shades of blue ... The ball is in your camp!

Deco breathtaking bathroom with a painted ceiling in the colors of the ocean

deco bathroom sophisticated blue ceiling

decor neutral marked by a beautiful blue mosaic on the wall

gorgeous mosaic tile blue accent color

a mirror gives the illusion of a blue wall that extends

wall blue mosaic bathroom decor

the off-white decor brings out the dark blue of the bathtub

sober white accented by blue bathtub

the blue and gold checkered floor hints at the nuances in the room

retro bathroom with blue and gold accents

two horizontal friezes stand out from the sky blue tiles

half height tile with a horizontal frieze

the depths of the ocean are depicted on the wall

water-resistant wall painted ocean depths

teal contemporary teal

beautiful bathroom with tiled walls wall blue turquoise

contrast blue interior decor yellow- the shower cabin

bathroom with tile floral patterns

small bathroom with yellow wallpaper and blue wall

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