The beautiful terrace Mexican style even in autumn

terrace view sofa cushions bright colors

A Mexican style terrace to enjoy the first days of autumn. If the weather and geography are good to you and you can still enjoy the sun.

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A dip in the atmosphere of the land of the Incas, this is what offers a terrace style Mexican. The feeling of a carefree holiday under the palm trees with pinnate leaves.

Mexican-style terrace with sea view


Among these species, there are those that can be grown safely in a pot or like Chamaerops humilis. It supports even frosts up to minus 10 degrees and without worries, this palm tree can leave the terrace and in October. In winter, however, this green value can be transferred to a veranda. A Mexican-style terrace is unthinkable without cacti.

Pepper, a typical plant of Mexico


They are both elegant and easy to maintain. If you plant them in a permeable soil with good drainage, and for a good development a shower from time to time is enough. Pepper is a typical Mexican plant, in addition it is an ornament that participates in the composition of Mexican folklore. Different varieties annually grow very well in pots. Red and orange peppers among others are associated with color in South America. For lovers of spicy food, pepper hot chili is necessary.

Magnificent sea view and round table decorated in blue

beautiful sea view round table

This pepper known as pepper (Capsicum) has long red fruits, which are at the same time very decorative. The accessories are important in the decoration of a Mexican-style terrace. Candles decorated with small pods of peppers and cactuses (Cereus) placed in pots, will complete the "fire" Mexican wave. A solar fiesta with colorful towels and dishes are the attributes that you will need to serve openly in Mexican style. All you have to do is add a comfortable mattress, wicker furniture and colorful pillows, and a relaxing atmosphere in your Mexican-style terrace is created!

A Mexican brazier in a garden

mexican brazier view garden

A romantic terrace, a bench and a wooden table of blue color

romantic terrace bench wood table blue

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