The chaise sofa - some design examples

design chaise longue sofa BoConcept

The sofa chaise longue is a very versatile piece of furniture that can be used both as a bed and as a place to sit and is perfect for places where space is limited.

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And in addition the meridian sofas come in a multitude of designs and models that can please even the most capricious of you!

Meridian sofa by Eileen Gray

modern chaise sofa Eileen Gray

If you have already decided to buy a sofa chaise longue but if you're looking for a bed-less model, the BoConcept's fusion sofa is an elegant and discreet choice. It is available in several different materials and you can easily turn it into a bed, an armchair or a lounge chair as you wish.

Original wooden daybed by Palu Bayview

modern daybed sofa Palu Bayview

Beautiful and elegant during the day and comfortable and resting at night is the model pzr Eileen Gray chair. Its unadorned steel frame is perfect for small spaces and its repositionable cushions serve as both cushions and armrests. Another sofa model you will see is the Hemnes model by Ikea. It is a very comfortable and versatile model with three drawers where you can put your cushions and covers when you do not use them.

Comfortable daybed with drawers by Ikea

Ikea drawers chaise longue sofa

With a simple yet elegant frame, the Palu Bayview chaise longue sofa is a piece for a modern decor or rustic-inspired decor. These geometric floral motifs give it a unique touch and its optional pull-out makes it perfect for spending the night. Discover other interesting models in pictures:

Elegant daybed by Raven

luxurious design sofa Raven

Meridiani Plush Meridian Plush Lounge Chair

couch design plush Meridiani

DIY daybed designed by AngieintheThickofIt

DIY design sofa bed AngieintheThickofIt

Original design chaise longue sofa by Chairs Furniture

original design sofa bed- Four Chairs Furniture

Wooden daybed for children by Saartje Prum

wooden children's sofa Saartje Prum

Design leather daybed by Minotti

meridienne design leather Minotti

orange design chaise FLEXFORM

Elegant meridian design Milano Bedding

modern white chaise CIACCI GROUP

original meridian green Missana

minimalist minimalist style Dall'Agnese

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