The chalet decoration enters your house

Beautiful bench in deco cottage

The chalet decoration was summed up formerly in furniture old-fashioned and mismatched objects. Today - change of course! The desire to be well at home and the strong interest in interior design invade the wooden cabin.

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Wooden walls, animal skin on the ground, polar plaid on the sofa, knitted cushion covers ... Welcome to your cottage! Whether you are the proud owner of a chalet or not, you will surely appreciate these amazing transformations. From the small 900-square-foot cottage to the 1960s prefabricated cottage, get inspired and learn the stuff to make tiny bathrooms look great, choose the best floor coverings and create timeless decor using timeless colors.

Take inspiration from the photos below for a wonderful chalet decor

Bedroom of the cottage

To bring some warmth to your cottage decor, personalize your throws by embroidering round embossed and make delicate garlands with fluffy wool fluff effect. While warm in your makeshift shelter created for the occasion, you will not want to leave! You can also make your own "cow" print rug by sewing different pieces of felt and wool white and black. As for the tablecloth of the dining room, it is a blanket of surplus embroidered naive flakes!

Candles are required

Cottage decoration with candles and trophies

Finally, if you can not make a fire in the fireplace Fill it with candles of different sizes, romantic atmosphere and assured cocooning! With this improvised fireplace, all you have to do is wait and see the snowflakes fall through the window.

Wood is the main material at the cottage

Sunny wooden chalet

Wood combines very well with modern glass

Wooden chalet with subdued light

The view of the chalet - unforgettable

Light cottage with a view

The cottage decor is also present in the bedroom

Bedroom of a rustic cottage

The fireplace - a must in the chalet decoration

Fireplace as decoration chalet

Chalet decor combined with modern details

Kitchen cottage decoration

The photo of the mountain - present in each cottage

Cottage decoration with a picture of the mountains

Bathroom spirit chalet

Deco cottage in the bathroom

Rustic decoration of the chalet's stay

Bed of a rustic cottage

Chalet living room

Chalet living room

Warm cottage room

Fur cushions of the chalet

Rustic cottage decor

Interior decoration of the cottage with cushions

Deco living room chalet

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