The dresser room - some design examples

designer bedroom dresser

The convenient bedroom must above all be functional. It must not only be in harmony with the decorative style of your bedroom but also be large enough for you to store all your belongings.

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And given all these factors, it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect piece of furniture. In this article we will make you discover a beautiful selection of modern, designer and very practical bedroom dressers.

Classic design bedroom chest of drawers

convenient room wood idea

The convenient bedroom What you will see on the first picture is elegant and natural looking that fits well in almost any type of decorations. The second example is a traditional style wooden dresser. It is solid and practical with clean lines making it perfect for a minimalist bedroom.

Elegant dresser in white

dresser bedroom white design ideas

The third example is a very modern dresser with lacquered surfaces. It is chic and elegant in white and will fit wonderfully in a contemporary design room with a feminine touch. The fourth dresser that we present to you is really a unique piece. Its multicolored beauty and decentralized design are perfect for a bedroom of original and elegant design at a time. Discover our other interesting dresser proposals and choose the one you like the most:

Black chest of drawers for the bedroom

chest of drawers bedroom design

Vintage wooden chest of drawers

chest of drawers bedroom wood idea vintage

Poltrona wood design chest of drawers

chest of drawers wood design

Dresser with elegant drawers

elegant bedroom dresser

Lacquered white dresser

dresser bedroom bed laquered

Chest of drawers original design room

original design bedroom dresser

Modern Dresser Idea for Bedroom

modern contemporary design chest of drawers

Bedroom with luxurious furniture

bedroom elegant dresser

Bedroom dresser in white

bedroom design dresser

Two-tone bedroom dresser

modern two-tone dresser

Retro design bedroom chest of drawers

retro design white dresser

Yellow bedroom chest of drawers

yellow wood dresser deco

bedroom elegant design

chest of drawers bedroom wood original shape

modern minimalist design chest of drawers

white retro design chest of drawers

elegant wood bedroom dresser

modern black lacquered dresser

modern two-tone chest of drawers design

modern white design chest of drawers

black lacquered design dresser

modern gray bedroom dressers

deco bedroom designer dresser

modern dresser design bedroom

idea modern dresser design

idea modern dresser black white

bedroom furniture elegants lacquers

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