The effective garden maintenance for autumn

garden maintenance between painting weeding decoration

A garden maintenance is always essential, if you want to fully enjoy your outdoor space during all seasons. It is essential not only for plants and trees, but also for the place to be attractive and well decorated.

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A garden maintenance requires a lot of work to keep the plants healthy and your green space inviting.

An effective and obvious garden maintenance in this example

efficient garden maintenance

Weeding for example, because there are weeds that settle spontaneously, without being invited. Look for plants and flowers that resist low temperatures and plant them in pots and planters , sometimes hanging or on shelves. Although it is very tempting to add new plants to the yard, it must be remembered that winter is approaching.

A flowerpot with succulents

succulent flower pot

Most potted plants should be brought to a warmer place each time they freeze. Not funny. Because at the autumn , we resist the urge to buy new plants and pots and the place to repot the current plants that exceeds their containers. And simply paint pots and planters using bright colors. The walls that surround your green space also enters the garden maintenance. Paint them using a color palette appropriate to your environment. It's amazing to see how a small garden maintenance can completely revive the plants and flowers in their pots after a long and hot summer!

The plant Loropetalum and its flowers

Loropetalum plant its flowers

Asparagus fern and silver falls dichondra in a planter

Asparagus fern silver falls dichondra planter

The Aster flower in full bloom

Aster flower full eclosion

Roses as far as the eye can see

roses loss view

The garden from another perspective

garden view other perspective

A corner of the garden with bricks as pots

garden corner bricks as pots

Silver falls dichondra and the Mexican feather grass plant

silver falls dichondra mexican plant feather grass

Blue agave a plant that continues to grow

agave blue plant keeps growing

zoom flower pot brick color

green flower pot view

blue hanging flower pot view

garden view simple greenery

metal shelves flower pots different sizes

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