The garden pergola - tips, ideas, tips

ultra modern garden pergola

The pergola garden is an open structure, often used to connect different parts of a garden or as a central focal point. The pergola can help you beautify even a tiny garden by giving it a secluded space and shade for the summer.

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But how to make a pergola in his garden? Here are some tips, tricks and ideas of design in pictures.

Pergola wooden garden

green pergola garden

The pergola garden is a very versatile addition to your outdoor space and its use will be decisive for its design. If your garden is divided into different sections, the pergola can serve as a connection point between these sections. If you have a simple garden of deco, the pergola can make it more original while constituting a support for climbing plants. And in case you have a garden with a beautiful view, the pergola can come to frame and accentuate this view. Once you have decided to rent your pergola, it will certainly determine the size of its structure.

Pergola of original shape

original design garden pergola

The garden pergola can be made from a wide variety of materials but wood is what is most used. Softwood is cheaper and if you buy pressurized wood and service it will last longer. For poles you will need wood of at least 75mm x 75mm width or 100mm x 100mm width if it is a big construction. The posts should be about 3m long since they must enter the ground at about 0.5m to have a stable foundation. You need enough poles to be able to place them at a distance between 1.8m and 2.5m. For a pergola with climbing plants, this distance must be shortened.

Pergola of interesting design

pergola garden wood

For main poles and sleepers use wood of 150mm x 50mm with a length that will allow them to exit about 300mm on each side of the main poles. The sleepers must be placed at a distance of 600mm from each other. The lag bolts can be used to secure the main poles to others. Galvanized nails, stainless steel screws and glue are the things you will need to fix the main posts and sleepers.

Pergola decorated with flowers

decorated garden pergola

To fix the posts, you have to dig holes for each post. These holes should be 300mm x 300mm wide and 600mm deep. Place poles in two of the holes, put a cross at the top and use a spirit level to measure. Repeat the same process for the other poles. Make sure the posts are aligned. It would be nice to be able to reinforce the poles. Then fill the holes with a mixture of concrete. Allow the concrete to sit for at least two days before continuing with the construction.

Pergola landscaping idea

garden pergola deco

You can then fix the main posts. The best way to do this is to prune a section from the top of the vertical poles by giving a ledge to the main posts. Make sure the pole is aligned and secure. You must then place the ties on the main posts where they must be positioned, also spacing them from each other. Attach each tie with glue and screws. And now, your pergola is ready! Here are some ideas how you can decorate it:

Pergola of rustic design

pergola garden idea

Pergola attached to the house

white pergola garden

Pergola of retro design

retro style pergola garden

Pergola of simple design in wood

landscaping pergola

Ultra modern pergola

large wooden pergola

Large pergola in solid wood

large design pergola

Pergola furnishings

rustic design pergola

Pergola decorated with climbing plants

modern garden pergola idea

Original pergola pattern

contemporary garden pergola

Pergola of contemporary design

contemporary design garden pergola

Small garden with pergola

modern garden pergola

modern garden small pergola

original pergola model

pergola wood stone

outdoor fireplace pergola

pergola deco wood stone

pergola deco curtains

pergola romantic deco

pergola design wood

pergola creative design

pergola design idea

modern design pergola

pergola contemporary modern design

pergola original design garden

house shape pergola

garden pergola design idea

pergola interesting climbing plants

garden pergola idee deco

pergola garden climbing plants

original garden pergola

original roof pergola

pergola interesting design

small wooden pergola

small interesting pergola

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