The garden tent and its decoration

entrance tent garden italian canvas style veranda

If you are not sure about the decoration of your garden tent and you look in what style to dress. You are in the right place! It is a garden tent with a special charm that invites styles and colors to relax.

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Here is a brilliant idea and a good example for the decoration of a garden tent. It is not a wedding decoration but an invitation to a marriage between different cultures, colors and decorative objects in a style shabby chic which rubs the rustic.

An example of a successful decoration of the garden tent

example of a successful garden tent

This type of italian style canvas garden tent veranda is decorated with taste and elegance. Rattan furniture covered with a charming mix of fabrics and patterns, in shades of blue; and oranges and some oriental-style details like Moroccan leather poufs and lanterns, and hanging Chinese fixtures.

A wooden table in the center with rattan chairs

wood table center chairs rattan

Apart from the shabby chic with the classic wardrobe, the pretty starfish and seashells taken from family outings that are placed on the tables inside and outside; the mediterranean and the navy sneak like styles of decoration, to have a place in the whole of the decoration of the tent of garden as well as the whole of the garden. And this of course adds a special charm to the home in general. Certainly it is a favorite place for lunch and reading.

A table with a huge seashell as a flowerpot

shell table huge flower pot

The entrance of the country style house with the guardian of the place

entree house country style guardian places

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