The garden umbrella, our best ally under the sun

parasols parasols Jesi Bizzoto

With the official start of spring, it's time to start thinking about type of umbrella we want in the garden. After such a long winter, who does not dream of a little laziness in his garden, reading a book, or sharing an aperitif with friends.

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Even the simplest of meal When taken outdoors, it immediately turns into a beautiful party, especially if the weather is nice.

a pleasant moment under the parasol

parasol classic table stripes

With the thinning of the ozone layer, wanting to tan has become a risky sport, especially during the hottest hours. And even if you are well protected, with a cream of high protection index, it is untenable to stay under a blazing sun, if you do not have a small shaded area to shelter you.

Shaded area essential

Bizotto wood pattern

That's why the umbrella remains timeless, the only thing that has changed is the technological means that allow manufacturers to decline this essential object in a wide variety of shapes, concepts, colors and different materials. This also explains the wide range of prices found in commerce.

a technology that is evolving

Galileo umbrellas design

To determine the type of sunshade you need, take into account the size of the outdoor space you want to fit, and the shade coverage you expect for that space. The most common type of umbrella is beach. It is a simple parasol on foot, the possible variants are the shape of the wing. If everyone knows the classic round type, there are now rectangular umbrellas.

a rectangular design

rectangular sunshade

This type of umbrella is particularly suitable when you have a large area to cover, because their shape at right angles allows them to be used as modules, which line up next to each other to provide full coverage. They are mainly used in the terraces of bars or restaurants, contiguous to one another for an optimization of the protected area.

optimize the shaded area

umbrellas design King Poggesi

If you want to get as much ground space as possible, in case you have a small space for example, or simply to improve the aesthetics of an outdoor design, choose a model that is fixed on the wall. They are off-center parasols, with a mechanism with multiple arms to position the shade where it is really useful.

mechanism with arms


The half-umbrellas are ideal for storing them along a wall, on a small balcony, or to create a small shade area in front of a door that must open regularly. A small shaded airlock allows you to keep a buffer zone, so as not to introduce the hot air from outside into a cool interior, like in an old stone house, or an interior where an air conditioning system works.

create an airlock in front of the entrances

Alghero milano model

The choice of the material in which the parasols are made is of considerable importance. It is according to the fabric that the U.V. protection index varies. A polyester fabric will be more affordable, but its protective function is more limited. Cotton is a nice alternative, it offers a pretty good protection. But the safest protection is acrylic, which is designed with technological means to ensure a high index.

choice of material

design umbrella Clerici

You will find these fabrics in a wide range of patterns and colors. In the 1970s, it was fashionable to go sunbathing on the beach with a parasol that matches the swimsuit of these ladies. The last element that has a big influence on the purchase price of umbrellas is the material that makes up its structure. We mainly use wood, teak is excellent because it is resistant to all climates, aluminum, lighter but more expensive or stainless steel. See our selection of umbrellas.

the wood is often teak

rectangular wood pattern

the modern side of stainless steel

stainless steel support structure

the lightness of aluminum

aluminum load-bearing structure

cotton remains a classic

garden umbrellas cotton

outdoor development focal point

giant parasol MacSymo Sywawa

a summer air

Alghero rectangular pattern

wide range of colors

available all colors

elegance of black

Manutti foot model

octagonal model

remote wood sunshade

white is reflective

Party Sywawa rectangular umbrella

parasols in a row

Quattro Sywawa rectangular parasols

Beach umbrella Solaris to charge the batteries of a computer, for example

Solaris Sun Shade Photovoltaic Sun Shade

parasol solar panels

compact model balcony

Vela design parasols

PARAFLEX off-center wall sunshade

model brand EMU

arone model Bizzotto

distributor ombrellificio veneto

kyoto model Greenwood

pool model

rectangular double model

classic model

double wood poker pattern

standard Palladio model

professional standard model

classic wood pattern

arm model

Aquilani parasol

green model

off-center arm model

off-center aluminum arm

Palladio model

Mushroom model

steel arm model

awning garden Aliseo

crank closure

rectangular offset sunshade

wide rectangular umbrellas

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