The garden with pond: 99 ideas of decoration

water basin garden idea outdoor decoration

Who does not like landscaped gardens with waterfalls and hidden natural water basins? Sound, the way water reflects light - the atmosphere around a water basin is so magical!

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But unfortunately we are not all lucky to live near such a parais. The only thing left for us is to try to recreate it in our garden.

Garden with original water basin

water basin terrace decking wood

The tastes are very varied with regard to the garden with water basin . Some like waterfalls, others want a pond of water with fish or just a small decorative fountain. The possibilities are really endless and you can freely experiment with the design, the shape or the size of your water basin. In this article we will still give you some tips on how to create an aquatic pond in your garden.

Garden with illuminated water basin with lights of different colors

water basin idea lighting decoration

The first thing you need to decide for your future garden with pond is the position of this pond. This is something very important for the design. While furniture, fixtures and plants can be more or less easily relocated, the water basin is removable. His position or rather the reason why you choose a certain precise location must be natural and logical. In contemporary gardens it is rare for aquatic developments to take central positions. The asymmetrical design is very modern. There are also other factors to consider such as sun exposure which is good for the oxygenation of the water and the trees around whose leaves fall into the water, integration with other structures , plants and the general landscape.

Garden with aquatic layout in the shape of a sphere

water basin gardens fountain water sphere

The other very important factor is the basin structure. In any case, it must be related to the environment in terms of size and materials. For linear gardens choose organic forms for example. The monochrome scheme can be embellished with a little color. For a small space a large layout can be an original accent. The structure of the watershed represents its function which can vary. It can for example take little horizontal space but be vertical to allow the gravity to handle the water. The basin structure also depends on whether it is incorporated into other elements or whether it is independent.

Garden with water basin design

aquatic basin fountain decoration garden retro

In contemporary gardens what is most often used are stone or concrete. Steel, tiles and glass are very good intermediation surfaces to accentuate the movements of water. The texture of the font material is also important to create the desired effect for a cascade for example. The design can manipulate the water and give it a repair, sound or movement.

Ultra modern garden with aquatic facilities

garden contemporary water basin

There is nothing more calming than the sound of the waterfall - that produced by the proper design and specification of the proper pump. It all depends on the type of water noise you want to produce. The trickle of water on a loft terrace is sometimes all we need to create serenity especially in a city garden. The sound of water is a very easy way to hide the sounds of the big city and create a natural space. The noise created depends on the height from which the water falls, the width of the opening, the force of the pump and the depth of the basin. Try to create a balance between sound and aesthetics.

Garden with original fountains

garden water basin original

But the presence of a pool in a garden will never be so beautiful without the plants that exist thanks to the water and create a beautiful landscape. This is exactly the fact that all plants and trees are reflected in the water that revitalizes the pond structure. Green plants are the ones that make sense of the layout. So choose plants that can be related to your development and that will accentuate it. But a pool of water will be even more beautiful and alive with the appropriate light. Choose fixtures that will turn your garden into a beautiful landscape at night. Here are 99 garden ideas with water features:

Small water fountain for garden decoration


Idea of ​​bright garden deco with water basin

illuminated water pond garden

Original water fountain for outdoor

garden aquatic basin design

Beautiful garden water fountain

garden water basin original

Modern fountain idea for garden decoration

garden modern water basin

Ultra modern garden idea

garden with water basin

Zen garden with water basin

garden with zen aquatic pond

Idea of ​​aquatic garden decoration

garden idea aquatic basin design

Garden decoration with water basin

idea ultra modern garden aquatic basin

Interesting design garden fountain

water development original design garden

Stone garden fountain

landscaping aquatic garden

Aquatic garden pond decorated with mosaic

pond water garden mosaic

Zen-inspired garden with water basin

pond water garden zen

Illuminated waterfall

illuminated garden waterfall

Deco patio idea with water pond

deco garden water idea

Aquatic garden decoration

interesting deco aquatic garden

Aquatic garden with relaxing sofa

aquatic garden deco

Waterfall in stone

deco water garden pirre

Contemporary garden with water basin

deco modern design garden

Garden with ultra modern water basin

deco garden water

Idea of ​​water garden deco

deco modern garden water

Idea of ​​modern garden decoration

deco ultra modern landscaping garden

Garden with interesting fountain

modern garden water fountain

Design garden with water fountain

contemporary garden fountain

modern design garden fountain

elegant garden fountain

interesting garden fountain

modern garden fountain

idea landscaping garden

original aquatic development

zen garden landscaping idea

waterfall water stone idea

idea of ​​deco aquatic development

idea deco landscaping garden

water garden deco idea

modern water garden deco idea

garden design deco idea

garden water deco idea

modern water garden deco idea

modern garden deco idea

Idea deco small aquatic garden

idea deco small garden water

deco idea small modern garden

water garden decoration idea

garden pond water decoration idea

contemporary garden decoration idea

water garden decoration idea

aquatic garden design idea

water garden design idea

interesting idea garden pond water

garden pond idea

contemporary garden water idea

urban garden water idea

original idea landscaping garden water

original idea deco garden water

water garden design

garden pond water cascade

garden pond water design

garden pond water idea

garden pond interesting water

garden water basin original

garden pond water stone

garden pond zen water

garden waterfall water

garden waterfall water design

garden waterfall water stone

contemporary garden aquatic landscaping

contemporary garden water basin

garden deco fountain

contemporary water garden

interesting water garden design

garden water original design

Japanese inspiration water garden

original water garden

garden water plants

ultra design water garden

ultra modern water garden

garden pond original water

stone fountain garden

garden fountain statuette

waterfall fountain garden

Japanese garden landscaping

modern garden aquatic basin

modern garden pond water

modern garden fountain water

garden wall water

garden small aquatic development

garden small pond water

garden small waterfall water

small fountain garden

ultra modern water garden

zen garden aquatic basin

garden zen basin water

Zen Garden Basin Water Idea

small landscaped garden

small garden fountain

terrace modern aquatic basin

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