The green indoor plant: how to decorate your house

contrast orange chair with lush greenery

The interior decoration consists of several elements: there are, of course, the colors, the furniture and the lighting but we often forget a very important accessory: the green plant indoor .

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Indeed, greenery bring a lot to the decoration of a room and we will prove it to you with several examples in pictures.

Indoor green plant arranged at the corner of the room

green indoor plant in corner

The indoor green plant is ideal for those looking to enliven their decor. It can bring a color accent to an interior with rather neutral tones, just as it can register in a flat of bohemian style , where the colors agree to create a jovial and multicolored environment.

Shelf highlighted by a beautiful vertical garden

vertical garden behind shelf

Indoor plants enliven the interior with their greenery, but they also have many other benefits. The first benefit that is obvious is, of course, that of oxygen. Trees and plants are well known for absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the air.

Design furniture two in one: a freestanding shelf and a partition

bookshelf partition with falling plant

As we take care of a tree in nature because it is vital to our environment, we must use plants to its advantage and purify the air in our home.

For large spaces, why not devote an inner courtyard to an indoor tree?

big tree like center of piece

To do this, you have a multitude of options at your disposal. Let's start with the plants that you can lay on the floor. The corner of a room seems to be the ideal place since it allows you to optimize a space otherwise difficult to develop.

The white pots bring out the green of these palms

big white pots with palm trees

There are, however, many other sites that can accommodate your plants without much difficulty. If, for example, you have a large living room that needs a partition, you can use a few plants to create a natural division. To do this, line up some large flowerpots and plant the species of your choice.

A green indoor plant animates the gray shade of this dresser

green indoor gray dresser by indoor green plant

You can, for example, opt for some palms or cedars. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, why not invest in an open bookcase that will serve as your score? You will then be able to install some plants falling on the shelves and thus give pep to your new partition.

Cabin shower adorned with a minimalist style green carpet

deco shower cabin touch of greenery

If your space is not so big but you want to add some character, a vertical garden is always a good investment. You can choose a wall that you turn into a vegetable garden, put a freestanding shelf right in front (make sure you buy one without back) and you're done!

Indoor plants that emerge from the sofa as from the ground

design furniture with integrated indoor green plants

If you like DIY, why not build a bench or furniture in which to integrate a plant as in the example above?

Wall shelf decorated with houseplants

indoor green plant on shelves

Shelves are another great place to place your houseplants. Look at the picture above - the plants really add character to this modern living room.

A rose bush is ideal for purifying the air in your home

indoor rose to purify the air

For a little color, you can opt for a rose that will not only add some pep to the decor but also purify the air you breathe.

A beautiful bouquet of roses on a marble table that exudes luxury

luxurious marble table and bouquet flowers

If the rose is out of your budget, treat yourself to a rose bouquet (or get one!) And showcase it in a beautiful vase. The marble table above really sets the scene and gives the bouquet of roses an even more luxurious side.

A trio of thuyas in a flower pot design with a rather futuristic look

Thuja planted pot design for three

Of course, do not forget the flowerpot that can vary in size, shape and, of course, price. You can stay in simplicity and focus on the plant itself, but it is also possible to opt for a more different pot like the one on the picture above. Cut to accommodate three trees, this flowerpot will give a futuristic and ultra-contemporary side to your interior.

A vase of lily flowers for a touch of sweetness in your decor

fleur de lis vase for a little sweetness

Speaking of simplicity, here is an example as elegant as charming: a vase of lily flowers where the vase is actually decorated with stems of flowers. Simple, effective and very easy to make, this flowerpot can easily become an ideal centerpiece.

The indoor green plant may have the benefit of bringing a color accent to your table

a green tip to the table

If it is not a flower that attracts you, why not buy potted basil or mint. These little pots of greenery will enliven your kitchen counter and you could, in addition, cook with. Practice, no?

A shelf is immediately animated by the presence of a plant

green indoor plant in washbasin

As mentioned above, the corner of a room is not the only place that can accommodate a plant. Look at the picture above, for example. You can put some plants on a shelf in the bathroom or near the sink in your office. The soothing effect will be immediate.

Indoor plants ideal for creating a corner of a room

indoor plants ideal for creating a corner of a room

Eh yes. Plants have an undeniable calming effect. They soothe the senses and rest the eyes, the green being a color that recalls nature and the outside world.

Contemporary interior punctuated by some design plants

TV stand plant house

Sometimes, just a few plants are enough to transform an interior into a home that is overflowing with serenity and greenery.

Falling plants on a beautiful wall shelf

Wall shelf paree falling plants

Here is another example of falling plants that enliven the wall shelf. The choice of the falling plant gives a rather bohemian side to the interior and recalls, on a much smaller scale, the hanging gardens of Babylon.

A centerpiece under the sign of the grass for a breath of fresh air

centerpiece planted original grass

In the kitchen, if you have an island, you can build the center of a long tray in which you will plant grass. Look at the picture above. Is not it original? On the grass, it is possible to have fresh vegetables even plant a small basil if your tray is deep enough to hold soil.

Do not forget the balcony which can also and especially be done with houseplants

perfect trees perfect for furnishing balcony

We have already talked about the interior, both the living room and the kitchen, but do not forget the balcony! This little corner of the outside where we can so easily access from the inside can shelter all kinds of plants and trees.

Indoor green plant for cleaner air and a relaxing atmosphere

houseplants for oxygen puff

If you have a terrace or even stairs that lead to the garden, these places are equally conducive to greenery. You can decorate each step of your staircase with a flowerpot or draw the outline of your terrace with trees or plants of your choice.

If your living room is large, opt for a large tree that will give character to your interior

potted tree for large living rooms

Why not choose a Bonsai tree for a zen look inspired by Japan?

bonsai tree for a zen japanese look

Beyond plants, trees and flowers, you can also use the fruits to give a touch of color to your kitchen or dining room. Grenadines, limes, oranges ... the brightly colored fruits are numerous and the result is a decor that exudes joie de vivre!

Bowl with grenadines for a touch of bright color

grenadines for a touch of color

To sum up, the indoor green plant is an original accessory in the interior design. It gives a touch of color to a room, refreshes the decor and purifies the air you breathe. What more can one want?

Or even limes that will not go unnoticed

plate lime on counter

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