The hemp rope to decorate your vases - it's possible!

hemp rope decorative element

This week, we are looking at the vases. We explored DIY vases who can occupy you during the weekend. We also went for a ride in modern interiors dotted with large vases placed on the ground.

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Today, we come back to the concept of "doing at home" to present a very original idea that uses only two elements: the hemp rope and a vase of your choice. Yes, as simple as that!

Vase and hemp rope for original decoration

how to revive your vase

The options are endless, of course, but in this article we strive to make you discover several simple and creative ways that could easily turn into a favorite pastime. In addition to being an original idea, the decor with a hemp rope is ideal for small budgets. If you have a glass vase that is a little damaged or scratched, hide the imperfections behind a beautiful hemp rope and you're done!

Vases coated with a hemp rope for a shabby chic look

rustic vases trimmed with hemp rope

And if by chance you do not have one, you can also use a fish net or simply, a thick cotton thread. Mobilize your imagination and dare the varied colors for a happy atmosphere. The vases or containers can be used as centerpieces or to furnish a window sill. They are welcome both indoors and outdoors; they will bring a natural touch to any room. Lovers of rustic or shabby chic style will love it, guaranteed!

Rope half wrapped around a vase

cylindrical vase marine theme

Wrap a thick rope to make a lantern

hemp rope look rustic

Twigs and rope for a rustic look

rustic vase filled with twigs

Vases adorned with a fishing net for a marine atmosphere

fishing net sailor look

Original and interesting containers woven with rope

vases and containers woven with rope

Handmade pockets around glass vases

beautiful craftsmanship vases

Hemp rope for a rustic effect

rustic look with a rope

beautiful coated vases three towers of rope

hemp rope wrapped around beautiful vase

a hemp rope gives a character

beautiful amphora wrapped rope

glass containers decorated with blue threads

three vases tied with rope

elegant and chic vases

small pots in woven rope

small vases wrapped with rope

DIY vases varied colors

beautiful vase multicolored strings

flower vases made of rope

DIY vase wrapped with rope

original vases with character

original centerpiece

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