The interior stone wall - 25 original design ideas to discover

stone wall interior living room modern design

The Pierre , With its unique texture and color is one of the oldest and most used materials in the world. Durable, high quality, elegant and eternal - the stone!

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Each stone is a unique natural product determined by specific geological processes. So the durability of the stone can not be surpassed. And because the stone is of a very elegant and original appearance, it is used a lot in interior decoration. Today we invite you to discover the interior stone wall with 35 interesting examples.

Kitchen decoration with interior stone wall

stone wall interior deco wall white kitchen

Decorative stones are widely used in interior design and also outdoors. One way to refresh a room is to create a decorative accent with a wall of Pierre inside. The irregularity of the stone structure is the favorite for modern design interiors because it creates a beautiful scale with clean lines. The use of stone visually accentuates the room, so if you are looking for a change, stone may be the best choice for you:

Elegant modern living room decoration

stone wall interior modern decorations

Bedroom decoration idea

interior stone wall deco bedroom

Bedroom fireplace style

fireplace stone wall interior bedroom

Interior wall stone wall cladding idea

interior stone wall dining room

Interior decoration with stone wall

interior design stone wall

Room with stone wall

bedroom style elegant fireplace

Bedroom decor with stone wall cladding

interior room stone wall

Living room with stone wall

modern design interior stone wall

Living room decoration in stone and wood

warm modern living room deco

Bedroom decoration idea

chalet style room deco

Design kitchen in stone and wood

deco kitchen wood stone

Interesting kitchen decoration

deco interesting kitchen stone

Contemporary living room

deco interior stone design

The stone is unique and has a specific color texture, used for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest materials for construction.

decoration dining room stone

Stone is a durable material, of high quality, visually striking and always very trendy! He has great value throughout history. Because of its excellent quality and durability, today we find it more and more in every home. Each natural stone is a unique natural product with a color determined by thousands of years of geological processes.

deco dining room traditional design

All decorative stones are widely used in many interiors (living room, fireplace decoration, stairwells, bars, etc.), and also in the exterior (facades, decoration of doors, etc.). This is an excellent opportunity to refresh your stone wall interior, or to add an interesting accent to the living space.

interieur-light-beams-wood stone

Interior stone wall in cozy effect

interesting deco idea living room

The unevenness of the structure and the natural stone is particularly welcome in modern interiors, which creates an excellent balance with the clean lines in the interior design. Using stone visually enhances the space, so if you are ready to change something in your living space, this is the best idea for you.

idee deco living room elegant stone

modern stone interior design

To sublimate your interior stone wall, think of the light. The stone has rather neutral tones and it would be better to put LED light at the top of the wall to emphasize this natural material.

modern design stone wall

The interior stone wall is so pretty in itself that there is no need to decorate it. Nevertheless you can hang some flower pots or a large painting.

pure interior deco stone

The interior stone wall is perfect for large spaces. It gives a rustic touch to the set and is ideal for larger homes in the countryside.

dining room elegante deco

It is amazing to see how a brick interior can change an entire room, with a rustic and country style and a modern style. The interior stone walls can warm the atmosphere with live decorative elements like plants or other brightly colored objects.

living room design wall wood

There are places in the house that can not be designed with a stone wall. The stone wall is used successfully especially in hallways, but can also in kitchens, living rooms and even bathrooms. The interior stone wall also has the perfect design for any space in the basement, as in the case of a wine cellar.

modern living room stone fireplace

Why use bricks and stones for your interior design? Simply because they are original and breathtaking! There is nothing that can add an appearance as luxurious to your decor as bricks and stones can.

wall stone kitchen intereiure

In addition to its qualities of beauty, durability and natural style, the interior stone wall is the perfect sound insulation. If you choose this option, you can be sure that you will stay calm.

interior deco stone

The biggest advantage of the stones is that they are able to complement all styles and decor, from contemporary and modern interiors to rustic ones. The only thing you need to do is to choose the appropriate type for your personal design. For example, if you plan to decorate more than one wall, use several types, colors, and sizes of stone. In this way, you will ensure liveliness and personality in your home.

interior design stone wall decorative

Stone is a natural material that could give a cold and strict appearance. However, this effect is only visual. Stones are, in fact, the best natural insulation that holds heat inside. To overcome the cold visual aspect, simply add decorative elements all around, such as carpets, cushions and curtains in soft shades.

interior decorative stone design

If you prefer a rather cold style, then stay in neutral colors. But the best option would be to find the right balance between the two to feel help throughout the year.

decorative stone interior fireplace

decorative stone interior

decorative stone interior wall

white interior wall stone

interior wall deco stone

interior wall stone dining room

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