The Japanese style apartment in two original examples

Japanese style apartment deco

The Japanese style is very attached to the idea of ​​minimalism and negative space which makes it really trend these last years. In this article we will introduce you to apartment japanese style in two examples of apartments where everything has a special purpose.

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These two apartments are not cluttered or narrow, no matter their small sizes. Air and energy fill the rooms in these two apartments in a relaxing and comfortable way.

Japanese style apartment

Japanese style apartment deco

The first apartment japanese style is a renovation made by the team of Sinato Architects. The apartment is known as Fujigaoka M and is over 20 years old. The purpose of the renovation was to create a more modern and comfortable space for a young married couple to occupy it. The second apartment is also a renovation of an area of ​​77m2 located in Western Australia. The renovation was done by Claire Cousins ​​Architects and aimed at an open and warm space for a young family who was waiting for their first baby.

Japanese style modern kitchen decoration

apartment japanese style deco wood

Minimalist kitchen decoration

modern wood kitchen decoration

Kitchen and dining decor

apartment style japanese space diner

Bedroom separated from the kitchen with a wooden panel

deco minimalist bedroom

Interesting minimalist decoration

deco minimalist apartment

Simple and elegant decoration

minimalist Japanese style deco

Interesting minimalist decoration

interesting deco idea wood

Warm wooden decoration

Japanese style living room deco

Plan of construction of the apartment

first apartment construction plan

The interesting decoration of the second apartment

original deco minimalist apartment

Dining room in the living room

deco dining room living room

Living room decoration

idea deco dining room

Apartment with open and bright interior

open living room kitchen

Original open space decoration

minimalist apartment decoration idea

interesting deco apparently

wooden child room deco

deco interesting japanese apartment

deco interior design

modern kitchen deco

minimalist kitchen ideas

white bathroom deco

plan appartemen second apartment

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