The large design vase: 36 ideas for a modern look

big modern white vase design

Often when we talk about a vase, we simply imagine a few flowers in a container on a table or chest of drawers. And if you missed our article yesterday it is precisely these types of vases that were explored.

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But today, we would like to venture a little further and make you discover the large vase he who finds his place not on a table but rather on the floor.

Superb large vase, placed in symmetry with respect to the lamppost

large transparent glass vase idea

The large vase is often similar to an amphora that came to us from the Greek era. He stands straight, like a sculpture , and often contains branches, dried flowers and several other varieties of imposing plants. It can be manufactured in porcelain , glass, metal or woven rattan. For more character, you can also opt for a stone or wood hollowed vase - in short, a material that can be sculpted for more effect.

Beautiful living room dotted with large vases and greenery

vases frame the room

The large vases blend perfectly into a contemporary interior where the decor is as important as a piece of furniture. In this case, you can use your imagination and furnish a non-functional corner, create a symmetry by framing your sofa with two imposing amphoras or, simply, disperse several vases in your room. living room and invite nature inside.

A large vase furniture the curve of the stairs with class

huge vase furniture corner stair

Sometimes, especially in minimalist interiors, you can bet everything on your big vase and keep the rest of the decor sober and chic. Thus, the vase will be the star of your room and you can make an accessory as eccentric as you wish.

Two large black vases

big black vase deco living room armchair red coffee table

You do not have a garden and you dream of having greenery at home? Decorate your interior with large vases filled with flowers. Even better, opt for large potted plants. Plants are easy to integrate into any interior style. Their find a location is simple. They adapt everywhere and in every room of the house. Usually, any plant is well placed under natural light.

Deco big glass vase

large decorative vase idea flowers interior decor

For a long-term solution, some people opt for artificial flowers. To tell the truth, we are not a big fan of it. They are pretty little and do not provide the freshness of real plants. The idea of ​​installing a large vase or a large flowerpot in its interior, is to make the latter more natural. Artificial flowers do not adapt to this desire.

Collection of red, transparent, silver vases

large vase interior deco idea space vase

Where to place his big vase? He goes everywhere: in the living room, in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the bedroom and the bathroom. If you want to improve your sleep, install plants in your bedroom. Plants also help to focus better. They are also installed in their workspace, reading corner and kitchen. The best is to have a plant for each piece. Your interior will become conducive to relaxation and the air will always feel fresh.

Large white ceramic vase

big white interior deco vase idea

Place a large vase in your house entrance. As soon as you come back, you will feel the freshness and aroma of the flowers. Your guests will appreciate it too.

Decoration entrance with large vase

The large design vase: 36 ideas for a modern look

Choose a model of large original and elegant vase. Any object that you install in one of your rooms must be matched with the rest of the decor. Even if you have found a vase of extraordinary design that you would like to buy, think before the style of where you place it.

Large white vase

big white vase design

One of the universal vase models that adapts to all styles is the transparent vase t . If you wish to install a large transparent vase of innovative and eloquent design, we invite you to discover our selection twenty models.

Vase with graphic patterns

large vase patterns interior design idea

Make pretty compositions of vases of various sizes and shapes. Combine the large vase with smaller ones. You have the choice to choose the same models and to combine several.

Motif vase

large vase design deco idea

A vase that will never break? If you have pets and you are concerned that your glass vase on the floor may be broken, choose a metal vase. He will never break! Glass, ceramics and porcelain are aesthetically beautiful materials, but they are easily broken. Metal is a good option for those seeking security. Plus, its look will bring your room a rustic vintage touch. Place it in a place with little risk.

Large metal vase

big metal vase flowers idea

Apart from the transparent vase, another model of universal vase is the white porcelain vase. It puts even more values ​​in the plants placed inside. This vase model is rather suitable for minimalist, Scandinavian, minimalist style interiors.

Beautiful black lacquered vase

beautiful oriental inspired vase

Beautiful black lacquered vase

large black lacquered vase

All plants love the light. Place in a dark corner, they will not live long. In a bouquet or pot, each plant needs air and light. But beware, the light has to be indirect.

Vase rectangular planted with tufts of grass

rectangular vase all in white

Who said we could only place flowers inside her big vase? It is quite possible to make a decorative composition with birch branches. The big advantage is that it will last a long time, finally, all year round! This decorative idea perfectly matches the spirit of autumn and Christmas.

Large transparent vases highlighting birch branches

large glass vases filled with branches

Finally, large vase or large flower pot, the idea of ​​inviting nature into his home is always fascinating. Think about the style of your home, and the places and the number of vases you will need. The best thing for plants and we can put a lot of them without hesitation. We let you discover the rest of our big vase ideas in pictures ...

Vase of simple design and exquisite floral composition

beautiful vase becomes decorative accessory

Dry branches for a rustic touch

large vase for a little greenery

Touch of greenery in a rather sober room

greenery on table and vase on the ground

Cylindrical vase and plants that breathe freshness

beautiful large cylindrical vase

vase whose color matches the decor

Metallic vases for a contrast

gorgeous big vase look amphora

Large vase elegant black

large vase trend for a chic look

rustic touch rustic vase

two symmetrical black vases

modern living room with greenery

multitude of vases strewn in living room

large glass vase at the corner

beautiful vase near the fireplace

beautiful vase orange xcentric style

duo big silver vases luxurious look

birch branches in a transparent vase

imposing vase to furnish a corner

Trendy vase filled with corks

large modern vase with long branches

eclectic deco vase stripes

minimalist bathroom vase greenery

retro dining room with decorative vase

large texture design vases

two translucent vases to furnish corner

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