The living room library is gaining popularity

white minimalist style living room bookcase

Many people in our society forget themselves in their work. The long hours spent in the office, pressure and nerves often take over and more than once, we want to erase the reality even for a moment.

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Reading a book seems to be the first choice for those who like to escape the stress of everyday life and get lost in a world other than their own. So today, this article is dedicated to the living room library , The furniture that book lovers can not do without.

beautiful interior with an asymmetrical lounge bookcase

beautiful interior with an asymmetrical bookcase

The living room is without a doubt the most used room in a house. It is often broad enough to take on several roles, one of the most recurrent seems to be the "reading corner". To do this, you do not need much: a library furniture and some comfortable furniture to help transport you. The lounge library is becoming more and more popular in the living room.

exceptional bookcase cabinet inspired by inverted cubes

interesting and contemporary living room library

It often extends from floor to ceiling and its favorite materials are wood or metal. It can be symmetrical or a little more atypical, recessed or independent, adorned with a ladder or accompanied by a stool, but whatever it may be, the library can house books and travel souvenirs. It can become the asset of your stay, the furniture that suits you and defines your personality.

a living room library spans two floors

double height living room library with balcony

a bookshelf adds to the staircase for a look where the wood reigns

beautiful bookcase with wooden staircase

a ladder leads to a reading nook nestled on the mezzanine

beautiful living room library with ladder and mezzanine

paradise for book lovers!

living room library that spans two floors

contemporary living room with a library in black varnished finish

sophisticated chic library in black

interior with breathtaking views and books never

recessed shelves walls for books

shelves up to the ceiling shelter books and travel souvenirs

reading corner with bookcase up to the ceiling

beautiful furniture bookcase all wood

living room library with several windows natural light

relaxation area with reading area under the window

elegant wooden bookcase - rounded

low bookcase under inclined window

comfortable chair surrounded by books

50s living room delimited by two library furniture

furniture stripes remind library books

retro living room with Baroque style furniture

elegant minimalist bookcase furniture

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