The modern and original house entrance decoration: ideas and tips

deco entrance house design

The entrance is the first space we discover when we go somewhere. It's no wonder that the home decoration plays an important role in modern interior decoration.

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The ideas of decoration of the entrance are so numerous that we sometimes have trouble choosing the one we like the most. What type of furniture should be used in the entrance? What is the best color for this part of the interior? How should we organize this space? To answer all these questions, we suggest you read this article.

Modern home entrance deco

decoventred modern house

The decoration House begins with the choice of decorative style. For example, if you have a glamorous and elegant interior, a piece of furniture with shimmering surface will follow wonderfully to the rest of your decoration. But in case you prefer comfort, then a large piece of furniture with baskets of arrangement will be more appropriate. Do not forget that if the decor of your entry is already very original, we will be eager to discover the rest of the interior.

Decorating house entrance of contemporary design

contemporary house entrance deco

If you want to make your decorating more charming, consider placing a piece of furniture painted in your favorite color. So a retro dressing table in pink or light blue, for example, will give a chic touch to your decor while serving as a storage cabinet. Also add an antique mirror and a vase of fresh flowers to soften the look and you will have the entrance you have always dreamed of.

Home entrance decoration idea with wallpaper

deco entrance house wallpaper

If your interior is eclectic vintage style, you can mix modern retro furniture with rather antique pieces. A touch of greenery such as fern, for example, will create a refreshing and airy atmosphere. On the other hand, if you have a contemporary interior, what you can do is hang three pieces of modern art on one of the walls. Also decorate with designer wall sconces and sculptural flower pots.

House decoration with modern artwork

deco entrance house artwork art

If it's a large and spacious entry, then you have more room to improvise. Apart from the shoe cabinet or the dressing table, also decorate with a small round table. Choose a beautiful vase filled with flowers or a modern art sculpture and place them on the table. A collection of decorative paintings on the walls will help you give color to the space.

Entrance decoration idea with design lighting

deco entrance house light fixture

Unfortunately, most of the time, the entrees are rather small. If you are in the same situation, then do not be afraid, because there are still many possibilities of design. If you want to create a contrast between the entrance and the rest of the house, then you can succeed with the color or the different flooring. Often tiling is an excellent choice for the decoration of the entrance. No room for furniture? A large flower pot will make the space just as elegant.

Entrance of house decorated in gray

gray house entrance deco

What you can also do is use the wall space as a part of the decor. Arrange a corner with a small chair and a wallpaper or a design sticker. A blackboard is also a very good idea that really opens up a lot of design possibilities. A cushion in the shades of your decoration can complete your decoration. Here are some interesting ideas in pictures:

Interesting ideas for the decoration

deco entrance house ideas

Elegant style entrance design

modern house entrance deco

Original decorative objects for the entrance

deco entrance house modern design

Elegant entrance decoration idea

deco entrance house painting art

Elegant house entrance decoration

deco entrance house elegant style

Contemporary entrance decoration in black and white

decoration home entrance mirror

Original decoration of house entrance

deco entrance house design armchairs

deco corridor entrance house

deco hallway entrance modern house

deco entree house photo frames

deco entrance house idea

deco entrance house idea 1

deco entrance house original idea

decoration entrance house interesting original idea

decorative home entrance furniture antique

deco entrance house furniture blue

deco entrance house furniture wood

decoration entrance hall furniture mirror

decoration home entrance furniture storage

deco entrance house door coat

home decoration flower pot

deco entrance house table candles

deco modern entree

decoration entree maison idee

decoration entree house furniture wood

modern house entrance decoration

decoration entree original house

decoration entree works art

blue white house deco entrance

white black deco house entrance

original deco house entry

entrance house decoration idea

modern decoration house entrance

pink home deco entrance

contemporary design house entry

original design house entrance

home deco idea

idea of ​​deco entree elegante house

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